Am I taking a risk?

Just about 11 weeks since start of treatment - non-op. At last appt 2 weeks ago, new UK NHS doctor at the hospital said that I seemed to be doing pretty well but I should stay in aircast boot another 3-4 weeks and then probably go into 2 shoes at that time depending on [...]

Another 4 weeks in boot!

Had hospital appt yesterday - seen by new doctor. Reckons progress is very good. Seemed impressed with dorsiflexion and general mobility in ankle, but even so said I should take another 3-4 weeks in boot. Given this is Britain’s NHS system unable to secure appt in 3 weeks so now due back [...]

9 weeks and next appt.

Going to hospital for next check up tomorrow. Will have been in aircast boot for 4 weeks. (Non-op - 5 weeks in fibreglass cast then the boot) Found that with the boot I went from NWB to PWB to FWB in a few days without any discomfort and now walk around in the [...]

No crutches - most of the time at least

I’ve been just over 2 weeks in a boot (after 5 weeks NWB in cast) and with a 1 inch heel lift in my other leg’s shoe I find I can walk around without crutches at all most of the time.  Have hardly touched my crutches the past couple of days and have returned my [...]