At the moment getting around with or without crutches but still have knee scooter upstairs in case I need to go to bathroom in middle of night and don’t want to go through rigmarole of strapping up boot. As I mentioned earlier my boot is an Aircast FP Walker and, as I am sending my scooter back in under a week, am wondering if a compromise for bathroom trips may be just using my boot without the front panel for such short trips and not blowing up the air bags. Saves me scratching around in the dark. Did that today and it seemed OK as as long as I do the velcro straps up tight I’m pretty well confined within it and it strikes me as a fairly easy compromise. Anyone have any comments? Also stried putting a little weight on bare foot last night but it did feel very strange and first time I’ve really felt the achilles. It was sufficiently uncomfortable for me not to repeat! Not painful, but could definitely feel the location of the tear. We go on holiday on the Rhine in about 12 days time so will have to negotiate air travel and then a boat. have asked for wheelchair at airport but will feel guilty being pushed around in one. Flying from small airport (London City) so walking distances not bad, but no jetways so will have to climb steps on to plane. Will be slow but should be OK as I’m negotiating stairs at home. On holiday will be 8 weeks post beginning of treatment (non-op). Anyone got any thoughts on how far I should allow myself to ‘walk’ in crutches when we get to Germany?

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  1. If it were me I would rather walk on my heel than use a knee scooter unprotected. Walking with weight on just your heel on your bad leg (think of your leg out to the side at an angleand leg almost straight when walking) puts the same amount of pressure on the achilles as your boot ie. hardly anything at all.

    With regards the airport, it may be small but they will still have an ambulift if you don’t want to do the stairs. Even though its only 12 days away, I imagine your boot confidence is growing daily so you may not be that bothered by then anyway.

    With regards walking, I’d be surprised at 8 weeks if you were still using them. Its your choice, but you can do no harm without the crutches so if you start without them now by the time you go you should be racing along … so to speak :-)

  2. I would have to agree with Bcurr. You are at 6 weeks and in a walking boot. You are already PWB. I read long ago of someone having a fall with the scooter/ no boot when it hit something on the floor and re-rupturing. I cannot see any reason why over the next week you can’t increase the weight and ditch the crutches entirely. Remember the boot is designed to protect the tendon. It cannot flex so you cannot put the tendon under tension. If you try, then start with one crutch on the opposite side and go slow, walking as normal as you are able. When you feel ready to ditch the crutch, start walking near furniture so you can take hold if you need. I believe you will be surprised how well you do and how quickly you can move ahead. It will make your holiday so much more enjoyable. The decision is yours. Good luck with it.

  3. For those short trips in the middle of the night, while sleeping without the boot… I just used the crutches and went to and from the bed “NWB” (but no boot). There was a risk of tripping over something of course, which I tried to mitigate by having a lighted (nightlight) pathway between the bed and my, ahem, destination. I kept the crutches by the bed, well after I was FWB (in the boot) for this purpose. I finally put them away, after I was comfortably established in two shoes.

  4. Hi, a chair is a means to an end, it might make everything quicker and slicker at the airport and means you can carry some stuff (such as your crutches) on your lap. Ask if they have a self - propelled one. If you are worried about going longer distances (I mean if you are like me and you want to see as much as possible!) you can hire one from the Red Cross. Enjoy the holiday.

  5. Thanks - gives me a little more confidence. Just find my stride is much shorter without crutches so its slow going. Have just put a one-inch heel lift in my other shoe which is definitely helpful when walking without crutches

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