Surgery or not? and knee scooter comment

It obviously remains to be seen whether i took the right decision for non-surgical recovery from the rupture, but nothing I’ve read on here so far makes me regret the decision and since I am older than most of the bloggers - and less active - it prob suited me best anyway. Reading some of the after surgery problems experienced though makes me glad I’ve taken the route I’ve taken. So far no pain at all - not even immediately after the rupture apart from a bit of an ache when i attempted to walk on it! In my last blog I sang the praises of a knee scooter - mine has a basket attachment which looks really naff, but is incredibly useful. Knee scooter is costing me £15 a week from an outfit called wheelcahirs-r-us - extra for the basket (I’m in the UK) - other options are available (check the internet) and I don’t know if I have the best one but it is working out well. I still can’t emphasise how much it increases mobility and speed of getting around over crutches (although perhaps I’m just rubbish at using crutches). As I’m working from home on my computer it hasn’t interrupted this too much and another thing I’m glad I’ve got is an office chair on wheels with arms which is incredibly useful at getting in and out of the chair. Main prob is general frustration at my immobility and particularly being unable to drive.

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  1. Knee Scooters can be a great alternative to crutches. The features, stability, and cost can vary greatly. There is a comparison of Knee Scooter online at

  2. My knee scooter has been a savior! I keep it downstairs in the main part of the house and use crutches upstairs, but now I’m using crutches more with PWB. Just getting used to that (uugh!), and I think it would be best to have a set of crutches on both levels of the house, and a pair in the car.

    Good luck with your healing process!

  3. I went to And they are a phenomenal company. They delivered directly to my. Work place and they cost $100 per month but after the first month you can pay by day. I highly recommend this company - their customer service & follow up is amazing!!!!

  4. ANYTHING with WHEELS is potentially helpful while you’re NWB & even PWB! Chairs, carts, dollies, scooters, etc.
    I’ve been away from here, and haven’t checked on your rehab plans. Skipping surgery often works very well (and I recommend it to most patients), but the best results seem to be most likely with relatively fast protocols — a boot instead of multiple casts, with some unweighted exercises starting as early as 2 weeks in, and FWB as early as 4. My fave plan is at (a link).
    In the old days, when “conservative” treatment meant going much slower than that protocol, they had ~15% re-rupture rates instead of the the ~2-5% in most modern studies with modern (faster) protocols. Slow isn’t safer, and maybe especially on the non-op road.
    Good Luck and Good Healing!

  5. Thanks - interestingly the Knee scooter I have hired is exactly the same one as recommended on - but from someone who has a UK franchise for them. I’d thoroughly recommend anyone in the UK looking to hire something like this to use them (they hire out wheelchairs too). The scooter was delivered the very next day. Chris who runs the site is in a wheelchair himself so is very sympathetic and helpful.

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  6. Thanks for best wishes. Knee scooter saviour for me too. but now trying PWB, but still using scooter for anything that requires anything more than a very short walk as am not yet confident with PWB (after one day *grin*), although it seems OK with one crutch - no pain at all, but then haven’t yet had any pain with any aspect of the injury or rehab. (poss advantage of non-surgical). But terrified of re-rupturing and then having to face surgery so will remain cautious I think.

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  7. Hi Norm
    Your blog is one of the highlights. Thanks. Checked out the recommended protocol but note it seems primarily to apply to recovery from surgery. How much would it differ for non-surgical?

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  8. Yeah, I’m up for the knee scooters too despite the fact that you could look quite strange riding this apparatus :)

  9. Knee scooters are not a good option nowadays.

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