Coming up to 7 weeks

Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks since started treatment (non-op). 5 weeks in plaster with toes pointed down and now 2 weeks in boot with a wedge. Haven’t really had advice from doc on when I could go FWB - but effectively am already.  To an extent following advice of some of [...]


At the moment getting around with or without crutches but still have knee scooter upstairs in case I need to go to bathroom in middle of night and don’t want to go through rigmarole of strapping up boot. As I mentioned earlier my boot is an Aircast FP Walker and, as I am sending [...]

Advice on weight-bearing appreciated

I’m confused. Now I’m in a walking boot - 5 weeks since non-operative conservative treatment, but a week earlier than my doctor would seem to have liked - I find I can get about pretty well with one or two crutches - and occasionally without any at all, but I am being very cautious [...]

Further to previous post

The Moon Boot I’ve been put in courtesy of the UK’s NHS health care system is a brand new Aircast FP Walker. However hospital had run out of wedges, but the technician put an orthotic heel
lift in and it feels comfortable enough. I get no pain if I walk on it using single [...]

Moon boot

Hospital visit yesterday - registrar seemed slightly put out that it was technically a week early - but that was appt. I managed to make. Persuaded him to put me in moon boot instead of plaster so can now put limited weight on foot, but still a little nervous about how much and how [...]

Surgery or not? and knee scooter comment

It obviously remains to be seen whether i took the right decision for non-surgical recovery from the rupture, but nothing I’ve read on here so far makes me regret the decision and since I am older than most of the bloggers - and less active - it prob suited me best anyway. Reading some [...]