hi guys, just a quick question….. so my holiday begins on monday (11 days before im due to come out of my cam walker), do i need a doctors note to fly? and all insurance companies seem to say my existing injury is free. I have given them all correct info it just sounds too good to be true. can anybody please help me? does any body know a great insurance company travel that is ………………………

Ok guys i need your help!!!!!!!!! Basically to cut a long story short, i am due to go on my holiday on august 15th 2011. Its not anything to crazy just a lads break to spain for a week. no jetskis or banana boat rides etc. By then i would have been in my cam walker (FWB) with no crutches for a month. Before this i was in a cast for twelve weeks. I am feeling quite strong now and the only time i get a twinge or feel weak is when i come out of my boot. After an hour i have full mobility in my foot and ankle and feel no pain. Doctor told me 4-6 weeks in my boot but that seems longer than most of you. I realy dont want to RR but i realy dont want to go to spain in my boot. Any advice is welcome please…………….

Mri/scan or x-ray?

Hi everyone, i have recently heard quite alot about the two pipes or tubes that support either side of the achilles tendon. Since you guys answer all my questions better than my doctor thought that i would post again. I just find it so weird that i did not receive any scan or x-ray the whole way through my injury or recovery. Right now i am 15 weeks post ATR and i am pain free, the only time i get a twinge is when i tur my leg so the inside of my leg is facing upwards. By coincidence, when i run my finger up my tendon the only place i can feel any abnormality is on the inside of the tendon there is a small knot like lump. could this be one of the pipes or tubes people talk about or is it the tendon?

My fancy new boot……. So after twelve weeks in cast immobilized, i was told to walk on my boot PWB, Using two crutches still. However after 1 day I am FWB with no crutches. People may say dont push it, in fact people are saying that. However if it was painful i definately would not because this has been a nightmare. I am walking pain free with little swelling, bathing and sleeping without the boot with no interuptions. Am i right to push myself? Iam back at work so i am on my feet all day not just walking two or three steps in a day and im fine, HELP!!!!

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