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PWB Check-in

I hope everyone had a great holiday! After a somewhat daunting doctor’s appointment nearly a week ago, I’ve made quite a bit of progress. I can now with ease (and without nausea) move my foot correctly into a neutral position. I am still using crutches since I am PWB until this Thursday. I have, however, been putting more than 50% of my weight on my bad leg. I haven’t had any pain in my achilles, but my foot swells in my walking boot and my ankle becomes very sore at the end of the day. I am flying next week, and I am nervous that my ankle will be in pain for the flight(s). Has this happened to anyone else?

I also went to the gym for the first time in a month and felt awesome afterwards! Per doctor’s orders, I did not perform any lower leg exercises. I just lifted weights using my upper body, completed 100 push-ups on my knees, and performed quite a bit of ab exercises. I am so sore today! On Thursday, at my next appointment, I plan on inquiring about lower leg cardio or weight lifting exercises that I can perform when I am FWB in the boot. When did everyone start doing body weight squats and lower leg lifts/hamstring curls? Do you think I would be able to do these in a walking boot?

I am excited for my check-up this week as I finally feel like I am making some progress!

Stir crazy

I am entering my third week since I ruptured my Achilles. Since I am not allowed to fly or drive long distances due to the elevated risk of blod clots, I am trapped in my college town for the holidays. I made a trip to a craft store to investigate various DIY projects I can complete over the holiday break while concurrently binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix. Things could be worse!

It’s a shame that my tendon decided to rupture close to the holidays since all I want to do is indulge in cookies and Bailey’s! I’ve read the posts of others regarding various exercises that can be done to maintain some level of fitness during this grueling recovery. As of now, I think I can only manage upper body strength exercises and ab workouts. Yesterday, I went to TJ Maxx and bought myself a pair of dumbbells. I hope to become a sit-up and push-up queen by the end of this.

After how many weeks did everyone begin some sort of cardio exercise? I scoot around in my knee scooter for about an hour a day to pretend I am working out.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday break!