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Running -pain around ankle?

Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I provided an update on my status. I am currently 9 months post rupture, and I have been slowly running and getting back into shape. I went to PT for about 8 visits before my OS gave me some at-home treatment options (he was worried about me rerupturing my tendon at PT). As of now, I can do about 10 single-leg heel raises on my bad leg with no assistance. I’ve also been trying to increase my mileage running (right now, I can run about 2.5 miles [slowly] without stopping to stretch).

I just had my last OS appointment and I am cleared to start resuming normal activity (jumping, sprinting, etc). My main issue is that when my leg gets fatigued after running or walking long distances, the back of my ankle hurts. This pain does not occur directly on the tendon, but rather at the sides of the tendon and near my ankle bone. My PT said this was normal as my foot muscles are making up for the lack of strength. The pain also occurs in the morning when my ankle/leg is very stiff. Stretching almost always makes the discomfort go away. Is this a common senstation for anyone else? I am nervous to start jumping….