How the Wild Weasel Popped on Friday the 13th

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I ruptured my Achilles tendon on April 13, 2012. It was a Friday. I currently work as a teacher’s assistant at a therapeutic day school in the Chicago area. Although the students had a break from school that day, the staff arrived for a full day in-service. During a morning circle activity involving a blow-up beach ball, the freakish thing just happened. We all heard a loud pop and down I went to the floor. I have officially renamed the sinister Achilles “The Wild Weasel.”  It even has theme music: 3rd Bass - Pop Goes the Weasel.

I’ve been using mass transit for a year now to get to work, walking moderately about 1.5 miles per day. My role at work not only includes supporting students academically and social-emotionally, but also supporting them using a crisis prevention intervention model that seeks to preserve the care, welfare, safety and security of everyone involved. I also do a fair amount of physical movement throughout my day including PE support for my classroom.

That said, I’ll be out of commission for a while based on what I’ve learned so far from my doctor and this blog site I happened upon.  I will be receiving surgery through the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.  I would like to have a successful recovery. With prayer, the help of the Lord, my wife Tiffany, friends and family, and the countless encouragers who have walked in my boot on your blog, that will happen. I welcome everyone’s support, encouragement, and wisdom over the course of my recovery.

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    Born in Birmingham; born again in '84; raised in Detroit; live in Chicago. I currently work as a teacher's assistant at a therapeutic day school. My wife and I have lived in Chicago nearly nine years, and we have grown to love it. We are involved in ministry at our local church and lead a small group in our home. Discipleship has become important to us, and the relationships we've developed here have also helped to grow us spiritually in the Lord.
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