The Empty Cast

May 12th, 2012  Tagged , , , , ,

I came out of my cast on Friday, and it felt great to be free from an ortho roll-cast “tomb.” No, wearing a cast was no where near lying in a sepulcher, but highlighting the fact that now it’s empty seemed to me praise worthy. My foot is not there. It’s now returned to its boot. However, I kept the cast as a memorial to once-broken things. Now let the rehab begin.

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    Born in Birmingham; born again in '84; raised in Detroit; live in Chicago. I currently work as a teacher's assistant at a therapeutic day school. My wife and I have lived in Chicago nearly nine years, and we have grown to love it. We are involved in ministry at our local church and lead a small group in our home. Discipleship has become important to us, and the relationships we've developed here have also helped to grow us spiritually in the Lord.
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