A Clearance for Pre-Op: Lovenox, Xeralta, Norco, and Other Drugs We Love to Hate

I visited my primary care physician today for pre-op clearance. I am now a big proponent for streamlining the health care system so that if one has had several doctors over the past ten years or twenty years, his health history would in theory go with him to the new one. The shift from paper filing to computer/virtual filing is long overdue. I had to complete a new profile and health history because I’m not on record with my new primary care physician. Much of this is my fault for being to stubborn to visit my primary care physician for regular check-ups at least once a year. However, no better time then the present.

I had a blood draw today in order to test my blood count in preparation for the surgery. Blood-thinners actually concern me. Although I am not diabetic nor have had previous heart conditions (all to my current knowledge), the thought of bleeding easily is one I’d rather not have. However, blood-thinners seek to reduce the chase of clotting in my casted-leg. Any thoughts about lovenox and/or xeralta, the two blood-thinning medications I may have to face? And as it relates to pain killers, can Norco become addictive?

3 Responses to “A Clearance for Pre-Op: Lovenox, Xeralta, Norco, and Other Drugs We Love to Hate”

  1. ryanb on April 18, 2012 12:23 pm

    My doc just put me on a daily regimen of aspirin to help prevent blood clots. Unless you have some pre-disposition that warrants something more drastic, perhaps it’s worth asking if that might be sufficient for you too.

    Don’t know about Norco specifically. But, most of the people who’ve had surgery here have weaned themselves off of the heavy duty pain meds pretty quickly. I was down to over-the-counter Advil and Tylenol within 2 days. Most folks hate the way the heavy duty pain meds make them feel, plus there are some unpleasant side effects… so, again- unless you have a bad history with the drugs - I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You’ll probably be done with them long before you develop any sort of dependency.

  2. starshep on April 18, 2012 3:06 pm

    I have trypanophobia which is an extreme, irrational fear of medical procedures involving needles. Since Lovenox needs to be injected into the abdomen, it would have really been tough for me to deal with. The other popular blood thinner, Coumadin (warfarin)requires frequent blood test - another problem for me. That left me with Xarelto as the drug of choice. It appears to have done the job but is a bit expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover it (about $220 for a 30-day supply). Despite the trypanophobia bleeding doesn’t really bother me much but I still didn’t try to get a very close shave for those 30 day. I never nicked myself so I don’t know what would have happened as far as trying to stop the bleeding. Others have used a daily aspirin too but I have not done any research as to how effective it is vs. prescription blood thinners.

    I went non op and never had to deal with pain killers. normofthenorth is a big proponent of going non op and I am too. There are so many things in addition to pain killer side effects such as infection, suture rejection, wound closing that you don’t have to worry about with non surgical. It has been 8 weeks since my ATR and I have been on a pretty fast recovery protocol similar to the UWO and I can’t see how going surgical would have been much faster.

  3. laughitupfuzzball on April 19, 2012 1:16 pm

    Thanks Starshep. I am out of surgery now. So far I’m doing well. Looks like Xarelto may be my option also. I was calm, but a little nervous, but it’s like I just woke up there I was with my foot elevated and wrapped. Seemed quick. Now to wake up my legs.

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