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July 8, 2010, 7:40 am
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I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!! W/M 36 5′10 200lbs.  In very good shape, l lift weights 4/5x a week, and run about 10 miles per week on the road.  I have had two complete ruptures!! In both instances I was playing lacrosse, simply running down the field.  Nothing crazy when I went down.  Both times it felt like I was kicked from behind or got hit with the ball.  Both times I went down alone, with no influence from anyone or collision of any type.  In both incidents changing direction appeared to be the common denominator.

Incident #1 happened 11 years ago.  I completely ruptured my left achilles.  At first I thought I broke my ankle the pain was so severe.  I was 25 and at the time my ortho doc said I was one of the youngest he had ever seen with such an injury.  At that time I was a police officer on a walking beat, and the doc told me it would be 6 mos. before I would be back on the street… After surgery it was a very long, painful, and slow road. Rehab was the key.  I remember showing up at rehab on day 1 and thinking I was never going to walk again.  Honestly, I was in soo much pain I think part of me was alright with that! After about 6 mos. things did finally all cometogether and  I was walking strong, without crutches or that frickin boot.  I have an 8+ inch scar from my surgery, because the doc  had to graft part of my upper achilles with the lower since it had been so damaged.

Incident #2 came on 6/27/2010.  Again, in the same exact way. Playing lacrosse when I went down.  This time it was my right leg.  I could not believe it.  I knew immediately that it was the achilles.  Again, I went down alone.  When I looked around and saw no one near me, I knew I was in trouble.  This time it did not hurt as bad, although I still had to be carried off the field . I was able to hobble to my jeep using my lax stick as a crutch. Since having a standard with my previous achilles injury my next run of vehicles had to be automatic, this was an expensive lesson to learn but that is a whole other story!
I was able to drive myself to the ER.  They confirmed the injury and had me follow up with my same ortho doc.  After his confirmation, surgery was once again scheduled in a matter of days.  My surgery went well, its only been 24hrs as of this writting. I am not in so much pain this time around. I think the nerve block helped a ton this time around. Also think the incision was not as big as my orginal. My first incision runs half way up my leg!! I asked my doc if this was common and how often he sees people who tear both.  The doc told me this was very rare and he did not remember anyone else in the situation. JUST MY LUCK!

I really think its my genetically skinny legs that had something to do with both these ruptures.  My achilles are probably this thickness of tissue paper! Aside from these freak incidents I have never had any other major health problems or injuries…….

I will be blogging around and checking in probably on a daily basis as I am homebound…. To all who read this, PT is the key. As bad as it hurts and you may think its not doing anything, PT is the make or break point for me the first time around.

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