Back on skates and last physio!

I had my last physio appointment this past Wednesday and was told I shouldn’t have to come back for more physio unless I felt I needed it. My range of motion is very good as well as my strength. My calf muscle is only 2cm smaller than my un-injured leg. I was also given the okay to get back on skates (no hockey yet) and I can also start back with taekwondo (just light stretching and cardio for now). I’m really happy with my progress, I didn’t think I would be at this point so soon. I still have a slight limp, but if I do my stretching in the morning the limp is almost un-noticeable. I also get the odd ache in my ankle every now and then, usually if I’ve over done things.

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  1. Lucky dog! I’m just about a week behind but still can’t get up on my toes. how about you? Those 1 legged heel raises continue to elude me. I go back to see my doc 22 Dec. I should hear whether he gives me the go ahead to get back into taekwondo myself. Since I can’t get up on that toe yet, I’m assuming I’ll be ground bound a while longer.

  2. I skated last night!!! First time since ATR 5 months ago. Terrified as I took the ice…slow…a little shakey…but I could skate. And by the end of the night I was moving ok and not thinking about the “bad leg”. Wow…felt great to break a good sweat again. Next game i’m bringin’ beer!

  3. That sound great, I haven’t tried to put my skates on yet but my kids want to go on the Rideau Canal this week and do some skating so it looks like I’m going to try.
    How did your skates feel?
    Did they fit Ok?
    Do you need extra padding or and extra sock?

    I’m a little nervous.

  4. i know this is an old posting but i was reading and i can’t wait to play hockey again either. how long was it till you were back playing at even 80-90% of your pre-AT ability? i am 2 weeks post-op and i really want to play in the fall league that starts in Sept.

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