I ditched the crutches

Like my Doctor said to do, I’ve finally lost those darn crutches. I was using one when I ventured out for the past week, but I went to physio without it on Wednesday and it felt great. My PT was impressed. I’ve also started driving again. I’ve been doing pool work along with some ROM exercises for my physio as well as some light therapy and such for the incision. Next week I move on to the gym for some fitness work. At home I usually walk without the boot, at a very slow pace! I find I have to concentrate on the heel to toe walking. I still do have some swelling, usually at the end of the day. Nothing a little elevation and ice won’t fix.

12 Responses to “I ditched the crutches”

  1. That’s so great to hear! Congratulations!

  2. Nice to free of those sticks isn’t it? My doc says he hopes to have me kicking by January. We’ll see. He also gave me the go ahead to start limping around the house without the boot. I haven’t been able to get into the pool yet though as I’ve got one small section at the top on the incision that doesn’t want to heal up yet. (I put a pic on my blog) Drat! Like you, I’ve got the swelling by days end so ice & elevate as much as possible.

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