6 Weeks Post Op…Cast Gone

I went in for my second post op visit yesterday and had my cast removed. My calf muscle sure has shrunk! The Doctor seemed pleased with the look & feel of my ankle. He didn’t say much just looked at the ankle and felt the tendon and moved my foot gently. He told me to lose the crutches within the next two weeks and use the boot for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I don’t go back to see him until early January. I start my physio on Wednesday, three times a week. It sure is nice to be out of the cast!

6 Responses to “6 Weeks Post Op…Cast Gone”

  1. Congratulations! Start pumping that calf muscle and get some muscle back. I can’t wait to join you in walking!


  2. Adding my congrats! I’m a week behind you and couldn’t agree more! I’m trying to lose the crutches now but on uneven surfaces and when I know I’m going a distance, I have to still use the “training sticks”. I’ve only got PT twice a week.

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