Skipping the boot…

I’ve read some comments of people getting out of the hard cast and not having to use the boot. Is this a common occurrence or is it based on the individuals recovery / Doctor treatment methods?

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  1. Hey laminatedog, I did mine in taekwondo also. Just doing some warmup jumps. I missed all the good stuff later in the class because I was icing my darned leg. I’m about a week behind you post-op but actually injured it 23 July- a day I won’t easily forget. I just went in for a 3week check, got my cast off and got into a boot with partial weight! Whoo hoo! I thought I was going to just be recasted. The doc said he was going to more aggressive recovery but still got the boot. From what I’ve read, going cold turkey bootless straight from a cast is pretty iffy. Hope you’re not going that route! Gotta protect that leg for at least 6 weeks after surgery while the callus is forming the doc says. Going the no-boot-after cast method has to be a matter of doctor’s methods.

  2. My surgeon had me in two casts. When the second was removed he examined the wound and said okay, bye. I asked for the boot. He said I didn’t need one but gave me one anyway. Turns out he was right. I began physical therapy two days after the cast was removed. Apart from stiffness and edema my progress has been a surprise to me. I was and continue to be careful, pace myself diligently do my rehab exercises.

    In all I think you should go with your gut AFTER you’ve asked lots of questions. I do carry a cane when I know I’ll go up flights of stairs and this is 18wks post op.

  3. I agree with accompong, listen to your doc, ask questions, express your opinion and go with your gut. I was in a cast for 6 weeks (3 different casts), and then skipped the boot. I began PT the day after the cast came off. I was very careful, wore a sock - then a shoe, the have made very good progress over the past 4 weeks. Good luck!

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  5. I started active recuperation two days after the cast was expelled. Aside from solidness and edema my advancement has been an amazement to me. I was and keep on being watchful, pace myself constantly do my recovery works out.

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  10. My specialist had me in two projects. At the point when the second was taken out he analyzed the injury and said alright, bye. I requested the boot. He said I didn’t require one yet gave me one at any rate.

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