Close to 4 weeks post-op

I should start with how I got into this situation…

I was sparring at Taekwon-do and stepped backwards to avoid a kick and then POW! I thought I’d been kicked in the back of the leg. I knew something was wrong when I tried to take a step forward and almost landed on my face. So after a trip to the ER, it was confirmed. Achilles tendon rupture.

The next day I saw the orthopedic surgeon and he laid out my options…treat it without surgery and risk possible re-rupture or go ahead and have the surgery (his recommendation). On September 10, 2008 I had the surgery and I was home the next day sporting a half cast.

My first post-op was September 22, 2008. I had my staples removed and my foot was adjusted closer to 90 degrees and then a full cast. I go in on October 20, 2008 for my second post-op to have the cast removed and move on to the boot.

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