I ditched the crutches

October 30, 2008

Like my Doctor said to do, I’ve finally lost those darn crutches. I was using one when I ventured out for the past week, but I went to physio without it on Wednesday and it felt great. My PT was impressed. I’ve also started driving again. I’ve been doing pool work along with some ROM exercises for my physio as well as some light therapy and such for the incision. Next week I move on to the gym for some fitness work. At home I usually walk without the boot, at a very slow pace! I find I have to concentrate on the heel to toe walking. I still do have some swelling, usually at the end of the day. Nothing a little elevation and ice won’t fix.

One Crutch or None…Thoughts?

October 24, 2008

At my 6 week Post Op appointment, my Doctor said to lose the crutches within two weeks. Well I’ve tried walking with one crutch and things are good. I also tried with no crutches and things are good as well. Should I have any concerns about walking without the crutches? If I can do it, even though I’m slow, should I start walking without them? My biggest fear is the chance of re-rupture. Any thoughts?

6 Weeks Post Op…Cast Gone

October 21, 2008

I went in for my second post op visit yesterday and had my cast removed. My calf muscle sure has shrunk! The Doctor seemed pleased with the look & feel of my ankle. He didn’t say much just looked at the ankle and felt the tendon and moved my foot gently. He told me to lose the crutches within the next two weeks and use the boot for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I don’t go back to see him until early January. I start my physio on Wednesday, three times a week. It sure is nice to be out of the cast!

Skipping the boot…

October 8, 2008

I’ve read some comments of people getting out of the hard cast and not having to use the boot. Is this a common occurrence or is it based on the individuals recovery / Doctor treatment methods?

Close to 4 weeks post-op

October 6, 2008

I should start with how I got into this situation…

I was sparring at Taekwon-do and stepped backwards to avoid a kick and then POW! I thought I’d been kicked in the back of the leg. I knew something was wrong when I tried to take a step forward and almost landed on my face. So after a trip to the ER, it was confirmed. Achilles tendon rupture.

The next day I saw the orthopedic surgeon and he laid out my options…treat it without surgery and risk possible re-rupture or go ahead and have the surgery (his recommendation). On September 10, 2008 I had the surgery and I was home the next day sporting a half cast.

My first post-op was September 22, 2008. I had my staples removed and my foot was adjusted closer to 90 degrees and then a full cast. I go in on October 20, 2008 for my second post-op to have the cast removed and move on to the boot.