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First day FWB

First day FWB and two shoes all in one day! All I can say so far is… OUCH!!! My heel feels awful, which I am sure will get better with time. That and I am rocking a pretty serious gangsta limp, which is not very ninja! Doc says that will go away with time and physical therapy! He also says that I won’t e back to 100% for 12-18 months…is that true???? Hope everyone else is doing well!

Going to space…or not very far

Hi all! Hope everyone is well and hopefully enjoying a long holiday weekend! Got my second cast off this week and have been transitioned into something that closely resembles a space boot! My pain WAS improving some, but now the Dr wants me baring 25% weight. Ouch! Its not going as well as I would like, but I’m listening. In going through this experience, I would recommend adding an ATR to the list of things NEVER to do. I’m sure you all feel the same. In positive news, I had a job interview this week. It went well, and if I get the job I will be looking to have health care coverage by Aug 1st! No more crappy clinic, thank God!!! Back to ATR issues, does anyone have suggestions for the PWB pain, because it is leaving me not getting too far. :( Cabin fever sucks!

I’m back!!!

Went on a bit of a hiatus to work on the book, but I’m back. Got my second cast last week. :l Allowed partial weight bearing now. Still pretty sore especially at night, but at least now I can make it out of the house and outside to see Zayne a few times a week. He was super excited to see me, which made me feel good. Glad he didn’t forget who I was! Lol. Doctor says that if the swelling hasn’t gone down by the time I go back in two weeks, that I have to have an MRI to see what’s up. They are still ignoring my knee though, which is lovely since that is where quite a bit of the pain is coming from. They gave me a prescription for Mobic, which aside from being an NSAID caused me some issues with my Tachycardia. I am seriously starting to wonder where these guys went to medical school, if anywhere at all. Still not sleeping well, but I see my regular doc on Monday, so I am going to address the issue with her and see if we can figure something out. Has anyone had any luck with any meds to help with the pain. I have been getting cramps in my calf that I brutal.
On a positive note, the ortho is hoping to get me into a Boot within the next few weeks! I am looking forward to being able to take a normal shower and wade in the pool! It has been really humid here which is miserable with a cast on. Glad we are having a bit of a cold front for a few days!
I got to check my dad out of the nursing home for a father tonight for a father daughter date. My brother and mom helped out a bit, since I am in no shape to push a wheelchair. We had a wonderful time! It was nice for both of us to get out! Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s on here! Hope you have an extremely blessed day on Sunday! :) Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s on here! Hope you have an extremely blessed day on Sunday! ~Laura :)

Are we having fun yet???

I’m back after another excursion of craziness. Unfortunately the pain isn’t much better. I have been ignoring it, but actually ended up back in the ER last week with my blood pressure and pulse going crazy because of the pain and resulting lack of sleep. I called the ortho, who STILL doesn’t think that this warrants me needing anything else, so here I sit.
My immune system is junk right now because of not getting adequate rest, and I have been in bed for the last 5 days with a horrible chest cold. The only good thing is that being sick makes me so weak that all I do is sleep! I’m quite sure that I would like to punch the ortho in the face at this point, but have decided to pray for him instead. :)
I feel awful for my Zayne (my dog). My mom is caring for him, but I can hear him whining outside my window when she puts him outside. Darn those two flights of stairs! Normally I would venture them anyway, but with this thing in my chest, I can’t breathe after going to the bathroom in the next room, so no steps for me. Grrr.
On a positive note I have finished the illustrations and rough draft for my book. Now I just have to edit, and since I have plenty of time on my hands, editing should not be a problem. It would be nice to get some sun while doing so, but I will probably have to wait until I can breathe first. I look forward to the day when this is all behind me and I can laugh at these frustrations!
I hope everyone is healing quickly, and enjoying the warm weather! Several of you have mentioned this alternative recovery method. It sounds great, but unfortunately I don’t have any options. No job, no insurance, and no money. This injury came at the worst time ever! There is only one ortho clinic anywhere near here that takes people with no insurance and that is where I am going. I am thankful that I am getting any treatment at all, since during the first month,all I had was an ACE wrap, but the actions of the clinic thus far definitely leave some things to be desired. But as the old saying goes, life goes on. Off to edit! Let me know how you all are doing. :) ~Laura

Never had too much fun, until now!

My trip outside to the porch yesterday was nice and inspiring, so today I decided to be even more brave. I ventured out to my mom’s piano concert, and then to my god-mom’s house for a bonfire.  I over did it for sure! It was pretty hot here today and though it was nice to get outside my leg is huge now! Think I will have to make my next venture out a bit shorter! Good thing that I have a lot of editing to do on the the book and illustrations, looks like I will be spending some time in my room relaxing for the next few days!

I am still having a ton of pain (even when i don’t over do it) and have not slept a good full night in weeks. I’m doing RICE, but still no relief. Someone please tell me that this gets better as I go along. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but this is really getting me. A lot of the pain is coming from my knee I know, but definitely still quite a lot of pain in the calf area as well. I know some people have said they didn’t have much pain at all, so I am wondering if this is normal?Hope everyone is coming along quickly on their healing journeys!


My first venture into the great outdoors!

Hi all! Actually got a few hours sleep last night, but still not caught up! Hopefully it gets better! Going to try and sit outside for a bit today! I am pretty excited about that, as the two flights of steps make leaving my room a pretty miserable experience. I need to go spend some time with my dog though, he isn’t allowed in mom’s house so he sleeps in the garage out back. I am pretty sure he misses me because I can hear him whining outside the window when he is outside. Poor Zayne!!!                                                                                      I’ve only been in the cast for 4 days, so I am still trying to figure out the best way to wash my hands without putting my foot down on the floor. Unfortunately I dislocated my other knee cap last year, and though it has come along nicely from where it was, it is still not necessarily ready to support my full body weight for very long. I have been relying mostly on soapy wash clothes and Purell, but as a former nursing student, I am kind of obsessive about washing my hands, so it is driving me nuts! Anyways,              I hope everyone’s healing is coming along! I’m off to visit the great outdoors, wish me luck!  ~Laura

If my calf gets any bigger it will be considered a cow!

Well, here I go with my first blog post. I hope every one is doing well, and healing quickly. It has been a month since my injury and I can say it has not been pleasant. Here’s my story. My injury was caused by wrestling dogs and a burnt out light! I played soccer for 17 years and then I rupture my Achilles doing basically nothing! Not a happy camper. They started wrestling I couldn’t see them, they crashed into me, twisting my whole leg and hurting my “good” knee (dislocted the OTHER knee cap last year on my chronically bad knee) in the process. I went to pull it back quickly, game over. I ruptured my Achilles tendon on April 22. It is a partial rupture, but the Dr is very concerned about the chance of that turning into a full rupture.
I went to the ER on Easter (two days after my injury) almost a month ago, and they told me I just had a mildly sprained ankle and sent me on my way with a walker, not even crutches! The Dr at the ER actually said to me, “Well you are going to have to start moving it around soon and walking on it or your ankle is going to get stiff.” So at that point I was trying to walk on it with my walker and trying to move it “not wanting to get a stiff ankle”, and I felt another horrible pain. I found that walking with a cane was actually more helpful so I switched to that.
I went to my Primary a few days later and she was concerned because there was a lot of swelling, so she referred me to the ortho. The ortho is pretty sure that I tore it worse at the point when I was trying to walk on it due to what the ER doctor said. I am in a cast from the tips of my toes to my knee. I am allowed no weight baring for the first few weeks. Then they will change the position of my foot every so often as it heals and re-cast it. They are hoping to get me in a walking cast in a month or so.
I have to go to one of those no insurance clinics at the moment, and though the Dr has been good with my other treatment, he won’t give me anything for the pain other than telling me to take Motrin which isn’t helping. I have been having a lot of pain and swelling, and not sleeping much because of it. Guess that’s what I get for not having insurance. (I lost my job.) Ugh. But I am still staying positive for someone who is trapped in their bedroom 95% of the time. Have two flights of stairs to get to the kitchen etc, and if I have my leg dangling for more than an hour or so my calf swells up huge. Hopefully no surgery!!! Any pointers anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!                        ~Laura