I’ve been thinking, as you do when you are in this predicament.  I am now 5 weeks post op and not due to see my specialist until week 7. I’m starting to think he is is a figment of my imagination as it’s been so long. All I have is a piece of paper with the protocol my Dr is following. No signs of any physio or exercises aside from wiggle my toes and exercising the quad.

After reading so many positive stories of people weight bearing at this point, I am now concerned how slow this is going. AM I BEHIND THE 8 BALL ?

I am at the point where I’m struggling with the idea that I am still 7 weeks away from wearing shoes and driving again. Frustrated is an understatement. Mildly pissed is another understatement. You feeling where this is going?  So I started reading up and watched some youtube videos and decided to take out one of my wedges to get me closer to the goal. Ouch! Swelling and a sore heel for a few days but I’m good as gold now. So happy with that first attempt of moving this along. Once the swelling went down and the pain was mild I decided to see what my foot was capable of.  I have been petrified to say the least about re-rupturing it but where’s that going to get me… stressed so I’m over that buzz now and concentrating on ‘How strong is my ankle/leg’. Granted I am not going to win a race against a snail to date but man can I hop!  I have managed to move my ankle up and down without any pain and some control, I can place it flat on the scales and bear some weight. So next on the plan was started bearing some more weight on it while in my boot.

I started using the knee scooter around the house and then branched out to the mall two days in a row and ended up with a really sore knee cap so had to go back to crutches all the time. They suck! I think I will have a burning ceremony at the end of all this (ok I won’t the hospital will bill me for them but the thought is there).  I attempted to walk on my boot, felt pretty flat after that, looked worse than a waddling duck but each day I have improved. I am now cooking dinner without the crutches and feel like I am making some progress. Made an appointment with a physio who I have been too in the past. Hoping to get some rehab happening before my appointment in 10 days. Keep you posted :)


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  1. nosport45 on July 16, 2014 7:13 am

    Hi kylie, I am at around the same place as you, although went down the non op route. I had first wedge out three weeks ago and go back to the hospital tomorrow and take second wedge out. Like you I was very nervous about any sort of ROM exercise but just try a bit little and often( although I haven’t tried lifting toes up towards shin yet.) Reading all these different rehab protocols does make you doubt your own sometimes. Think its a case of try things out and listen to your body if pain. Agree that it feels so good to move around house crutch free. I didn’t get a scooter but still use one or two crutches if out and about. Feels like progress. Did invest in a cover for boot when going in shower. It is so worth it! I am not due to start physio til after boot comes off in around six weeks so will be interested to see how you get on. Keep us posted and happy healing.

  2. atr2014 on July 16, 2014 9:22 am

    I am about three weeks post-op and get my cast off next week. Like you, I am concerned that I am also behind in the rehab protocol compared to many on this board. I am not sure exactly when I am supposed to meet with at PT but plan to push for one ASAP (or at least given instructions on what I am allowed to do on my own). Like you, I plan to slowly ease myself into light wiggling and movement once my cast is off and use my pain (lack of) to dictate how much I do. I won’t do anything crazy.

    In the meantime, I have been doing leg exercises (leg lifts, donkey kicks,etc.) when possible. I also bought an iWalk2.0 which keeps me hands free around the house and that seems to help with my quad strength from deteriorating too much (though it is bothering that small bone just under my knee cap).

    Please continue to post as your progress - love hearing how everyone is doing. Good luck.

  3. normofthenorth on July 16, 2014 2:02 pm

    When you start PWB, FWB, walking, I’d AVOID walking like a duck, or a pirate, or any other creature that doesn’t walk the way you want to walk next year. The boot is designed for walking straight and pretty normally, striking the heel and rolling to the toe, knee forward. It should transfer the force of your weight from under your toes to the front of your shin. Keep 1 or 2 proven protocols handy while you rebel - like the ones at /Cecilia/ protocols.
    The good news about old-fashioned slow rehab protocols for post-op patients is that they don’t seem to do significant harm. Bloody nuisance and stupid waste of time, but not harmful. For non-op folks, they also do harm!!

  4. Stuart on July 16, 2014 3:42 pm

    Kylie - Haven’t heard much from you for a while and thought you must have been doing fine as you were PWB at 2 weeks. It is good for you to take charge and it seems to me a sensible step forward. Having a physio help you through this is also good as you may decide to do something that is not in your best interest. Sometimes they are a bit reluctant to counteract the docs orders though. As Norm said, the outcome will still be good if things go slower but I understand the frustration. Sometimes reading all these blogs can add to that. As long as your boot is properly fitted then FWB is nothing to be concerned about. Expect more swelling so treat it with R.I.C.E. and when you are doing that you can get those joints moving again with some simple rotations. On a lighter note, the Tah’s are on top. Finally!! Caught up with my Dad in Sydney last weekend. Didn’t watch any rugby but enjoyed some Johnny Black. Mum still with you? It seems you are getting back into doing some things around the house. That is a good feeling too. All the best.

  5. vegasjoey on July 16, 2014 9:24 pm

    Hang in there. I had similar feelings reading the success stories. I’m at 10 weeks. Still not in shoes full time. I use shoes at home where I am sure of the terrain. Actually more comfy than the boot. I try to walk straight as Norm suggest. You’ll get there.

  6. kylie on July 16, 2014 10:12 pm

    Thanks for the feedback, I am not going to jump into anything too rash just needed a lift and feel like I was improving. As Stuart said he thought I would have advanced from week 2.I have printed off Cecilias protocol so I don’t go over doing it :)

    Norm I don’t fancy looking like an animal of any sort either so I will be sure to watch the waddle lol The distance between my good foot and the boot is about 3cm and I can see how easy it is for people to limp… Any suggestions?

    The Tahs certainly are I’m hoping my team (Crudsaders) will be in the final with them and of course take the title haha but we’ll see how the semis pan out. Mum has gone :( we are missing her heaps, I have had to jump back into the reigns of cooking and it’s school holidays - they eat so much and so often. I think the school holidays have added to my frustration and my little boy who lives by routine goes off the rails in the holidays. We have all had the flu and he’s been reading to climb the fence just to get out.
    Good to know others go through this too. Great to have this support.

  7. normofthenorth on July 17, 2014 1:13 pm

    If you can stand comfortably on the booted leg, FWB, but you can’t walk straight and limp-free in the boot, there’s something wrong. Boot wrong size or badly adjusted or needs padding, or bad technique, check some videos.

  8. rogernichols52 on July 17, 2014 2:51 pm

    My advice would be find a great PT as soon as possible, I saw my OT at 2 weeks, immediately started physio work, massage, stretching, manipulation. Won’t see my OT again to week 8 and not sure that is necessary, to me it’s all about the exercise protocol and the support and help my PT has given me. He is a foot and ankle specialist and very expensive, but boy, has it been worth it. At 7 weeks I am nearly back to normal life (not sport) and he is working on other aspect of my body as he believes this had a bearing on my ATR. Good luck.

  9. Stuart on July 26, 2014 5:36 pm

    Well Kylie - it appears we have some across the pond rivalry now. Both the Tahs and the Crusaders had convincing wins so hopefully that will equate to a good final. Only wish I could watch the game. Hope the other things are improving.

  10. Kylie on July 27, 2014 3:29 am

    Yes Stuart we do have a battle on our hands next week. It will be a huge match, I will be missing my daughter’s netball for that game. Shame you don’t get to see it.
    As for me I have been FWB since my last post, took a few days to totally lose the crutches and checked the knee scooter back in. I have been to see my surgeon who said he was happy with the progress and took out another wedge, end of the week the last wedge out and he wants me to try shoes in 2 weeks. Last night I slept without my boot which wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would, was a lot more comfortable without my robocop boot thats for sure. My physio will start mid week so I am really happy with where I am at. I had to run the boys rugby cake stall yesterday and was on my feet for about 4.5 hours, I was a little swollen but it felt great to be mobile again. I am looking forward to driving and gaining that independence back.

  11. pspain on July 27, 2014 6:23 am


    I am on a similar timeline as you but behind, still not FWB. Can not walk without one crutch and even that is not great. Working on that now

    Same feeling of being behind the 8 ball reading other peoples experiences but everyone is different.

    Easy to understand but hard to accept sometimes.

  12. Stuart on July 27, 2014 4:23 pm

    Kylie - speaking of netball. What are the odds of an Aus/NZ final in the Comm games? Regardless of who wins the rubgy final it seems you have already had a win.

  13. Jackie on July 30, 2014 5:47 pm

    I’m having the surgery on Friday. I’m very nervous, not for the surgery, but afterwards. I am quite heavy and to be walking on one foot scares me. My arms are not very strong at all. I have had a knee replacement two years ago and still have not fully recovered from it. This is part of my problem now. My calf muscle and the back of my knee are very tight so it tore my achilles. I spoke to my doctor about going to rehab after surgery and he said it wasn’t necessary. I don’t think he truly understands how hard it is for me to get around. Since my knee surgery I have gained tons of weight because I am in so much pain in my knee that I am very immobile. The last two days I’ve woken up with excruiating painin my knees. It will go away after moving around but I’m not sure if this is related or not. Any ideas, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

  14. Jackie on July 30, 2014 5:50 pm

    Help if you have any remedies. Thanks

  15. Stuart on August 2, 2014 2:59 pm

    Well Kylie it sounds like the game was a nail biter. Sorry for you loss. Lets see if there is some redemption in the Comm games netball final today.

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