What an interesting two weeks it has been. Emotional train wreck one minute, sobbing like a teenager who just broke up with her boyfriend of one week the next ! I feel pregnant again about 8 months to be precise, the time when your back hurts, your feet swell, you have to roll a few times to get the momentum to roll out of bed, eating almost everything , thinking about what you will eat next, feeling like it’s never going to end, sleeping sometimes mid conversation, and of course the dreaded mood swings (clearly this can not be pointed out when I’m in one).

First few days I am sore and feeling very robocop-ish, my husband and kids are doing a great job trying to keep the house sorted. I’m incredibly tired and keep my leg elevated as much as possible. The mighty All Blacks play their first test against England and the ANZ Netball Semi’s are on so I’m enjoying the Foxtel in my room and meals delivered on a tray like the hospital. I am having more pills than my grandma and thankful the pain goes away quickly. Aside from the Panadol, I have Oxycodone, Inza an anti inflamm and 1 jab of Clex-aid each night to prevent blood clots. I’m weak in the tummy and jabbing the little needle still makes me hold my breath and look away. Pathetic I know. My tummy is bruised and look much like a pin cushion after one week of those. The incision site burns most of the time.

Monday arrives and the kids go to school, hubby goes to work and thankfully my friend calls in to help, you certainly are thankful for friends and family at this point.  My Dad picks up my knee scooter and wow I’m a new woman. Scooting round is a godsend , I am able to get a few simple chores done. A few loads of washing, making dinner and checking up on homework. While I know how much rest everyone has recommended it’s unrealistic for me and I soon work out whats ok and whats too much. Any throbbing or strong pain means get to bed, burning where the incision is means this is the last thing you can do for a few hours, and on my scooter or crutches for more than 2 hours means rest & elevate. So about day 5 I stopped with the Oxy and started with panadol and nurofen every 4-6 hours. Pain was moderate but manageable and started to ease off.

By day 8 I was getting pain in my calf like I had stretched it. It was throbbing but I couldn’t locate the pain other than in my calf. I had been too active probably and thought that it was related to that, after dinner it would get worse and a few nights I was waking up to take pain killers. I am amazed how tired I can get , my body is obviously working hard to compensate for my leg. Time to add some good food to my diet and some vitamins. My achilles on my good leg is becoming sore and my back is killing me. Being this immobile is hard, my head is still coming to terms with it. A few more days and my Mum arrives from New Zealand and I really can’t wait to see her. Something about having your Mum around when you’re sick (or injured). Before she arrives I have my post op appointment with the surgeon.

The surgeon was running an  hour late so the waiting room was like AA for ATR patients. It went something like this “Hi I’m Alan, I am 6 weeks post op ….. ” we discussed first shower out of boot, modes of transport ( I was the only one who hired a scooter) two of us were just newbies and the other 4 were able to advise us on the things that helped or hindered them. It was the best 1 hour I’ve spent in a waiting room. Got to see my incredibly busy Doc and he opened up the boot, removed the dressing, snipped a few stitches and asked a few questions. He said my achilles had coiled up which was news to me, that my scar looked good. I am now allowed to partial weight bear with crutches as tolerated. He asked me to describe the calf pain and wrote a referral to have an ultrasound to see if it was a blood clot.  Really I thought, could this get any worse!

So following day I went to the ultrasound appointment. A lady morphing Cruella De Vil meet me and told my husband there wasn’t enough room for him. Once in the room she asks me to get down to my underwear and that I wasn’t going to like this. I am feeling like I’m going to despise this woman. Yep I did. She didn’t leave the room or offer a gown, she made me feel like shit asking me why I thought I had a blood clot and that it’s unlikely. I explained that I would rather be rugged up at home than going through the pain I was in and that my surgeon sent me. She had to squeeze my calf 20 times, it hurt like hell. Sure enough there was a DVT, a blood clot in my vein. She then told me to go straight to my doctors.

My lovely GP who knows us well called me to discuss it. “Young Kylie you are in the wars, what are we going to do with you” she said calmly. I was relieved to be dealing with her. We made an appointment and was told to double up on my injection that night. I am now on Xarelto (rivaroxaban) twice a day. She said I will be on medication for 6 months. Bummer but it could be worse. I guess thats why they say there are more complications with surgery.

Two weeks down and it really feels like months. I have a few down moments with the kids and not making to one of their special activities or just hanging with them, I am missing not watching their sport. So decided I would take the wheelchair, my Dad and all the kids for a morning of rugby as my husband was working. Both boys had big games. It was so good to be amongst it again, cheering and yahooing on the side line. Caught up with lots of the rugby Mums who didn’t know I was injured 4 weeks earlier let alone the surgery and wondered why I wasn’t at the games, however the Dads were cracking jokes about my Husbands new line of work and were all up to date with camboot and my progress. It was hardcase. 3 hours later I could feel the swelling and called it a day. Could barely keep my eyes open on the drive home , that was harder on the body than I thought. So home for a rest with my leg up and I was feeling pretty good about my outing.  Only 8 - 10 weeks to go … NO WORRIES


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  1. normofthenorth on June 24, 2014 11:59 am

    Kylie, not sure if IG was you or another who used this skin/theme, but it’s almost unreadable on my phone, like grey on grey. If I boost the screen brightness I can make it out.
    Good luck with all of it! Time for some GOOD luck!

  2. jeffk58 on June 24, 2014 12:01 pm

    Yikes - this has the beginnings of quite the adventure! Hang in there - it sounds like you have a good support network and things are bound to start improving. Not sure what you currently do for a living - but I love your stories - maybe a future career as an author/columnist will be the “bright side” of your ATR!!!! Sorry that your team did not advance in the World Cup :-(

  3. vegasjoey on June 24, 2014 1:22 pm

    Wow! Sorry to hear. My issues seems small in comparison. Did your doc not have you on an aspirin regiment? Hopefully the worst is behind you. Hang in there.

  4. Stuart on June 24, 2014 6:30 pm

    Lots of real positives Kylie. Great news about finding the clot not so good about the injections or having a clot. Big points for your doc in many ways. PWB is great. From everything you said it seems you are managing this injury and the household quite well. Family and friends are certainly great at this time and you can wean off them over the coming months. Personally I would ditch the NSAID’s (ibuprofen) as they are suspected to inhibit tendon healing. General instructions after surgery are rest for 2 weeks and you are past that now so rest when things get sore or you are tired. That is what you are doing now. I found just getting out of the house to do something other than look at your leg (and TV) was a great mental boost although after a while it gets a bit tiresome telling everyone what happened but you could get inventive with the story. I am going nuts here with my current tendon injury. Another 2 months before I can lift anything more than a cup of coffee according to my doc. It is a bit different to an ATR as I am finding out. Fortunately I live in a beautiful place. It snowed here most of the day yesterday and when it stopped we went for a drive (4wd) and walk around the property to see it all. This friday I get my freedom back and can drive again. So happy about that. I get car sick and all we have are windy mountain roads. The ATR recovery has certainly helped me through this one so far. You may learn a great deal about yourself in the coming months.

  5. kylie on July 2, 2014 9:53 am

    Great feedback from everyone. I have just worked out that I have to approve my own posts so when I post a reply only I have been able to see them … took me awhile!
    Hope that it’s easier to read now Norm.

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  6. kylie on July 3, 2014 11:02 am

    The Bright side of ATR sounds great … I do enjoy blogging about my journey but have been quite busy the last few weeks and enjoying my Mums company now she’s here from New Zealand.
    I wasn’t on an aspirin regime haven’t heard of it here in Oz, although I have read on this site that it can be a preventative. I don’t really think about the blood clot now and continue to take 2 tablets a day. I stopped with the nurofen and have the odd panadol if I’m sore. Overall feeling heaps better and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Have you started driving again Stuart? I bet it feels good.

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  7. Stuart on July 3, 2014 3:20 pm

    Kylie - started driving again last week but just local. Today will be a distance test on our bendy roads. Having a day in the ski fields with the mother in law for her birthday. I am a spectator. Next week is a drive to Sydney but we can share that. I am glad you are enjoying the experience (to some degree). It really helps if you have a positive attitude but as it is such a long recovery expect some down times. Plenty of friends here to cheer you up when you need it.

  8. tendontoleft on July 3, 2014 4:22 pm


    I walked in to a glass pane and had a deep cut that ruptured my little toe tendon.

    I had the surgery and im in a cast up to the knee.
    Im worried my tendon might rupture again. How possible is that Edp that i kibda slipped today and was aboutvto teist my ankle.

    Any advise will help.

    Waiting 6 weeks to know if its a success is tough

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