D Day

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Packed my overnight bag, some reading, charged the ipad in the morning. Patiently waited for my husband to come back and pick me up for my 11:45am Check-In. I was almost excited, hungry from fasting but excited. My Mum called from NZ wishing me luck and upset she wasn’t here. Pulled up to the hospital which I hadn’t been to before, crutched my way in to the “concierge”. For a brief minute I thought we were checking in to a hotel for the night. Lovely place but they checked me in too late and theatre was ready while I was in the foyer, my Doctor was losing his shit. So the fastest pre admission in history and I was ready to roll with my boot on one leg and my compression sock on the other one. Doc barely spoke to me, the anaesthetists were great as was my nurse but my doc he started freaking me out with all his stress.

Because I had been told to come in later he was going to have to cancel the last on the list. Just as I was about to have the gas I thought I hope he does a good job he’s so angry…Next thing I know I’m trying to convince the male nurse with an english accent next to me that I feel great and would love a cup of tea. He didn’t oblige but chatted with me as I came in and out of dream land. Went back to the ward where my husband was waiting and felt pretty good. Had a cuppa and was ready to eat my arm off after that. Dinner was impressive I’m sure it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day but I wasn’t complaining. I had the IV left in but got rid of the oxygen up my nose not long after dinner. Was feeling quite sore but wide awake, must have been the drugs. I saw about 6 nurses over the next few hours but was really wanting for someone to tell me about my surgery, finally the night shift nurse who started at midnight looked up my notes and found out why I couldn’t feel my toes and why my leg was really swollen. I had been given a block like the dentist so I got my leg up high for the rest of the night and she opened up my boot to reduce the swelling. So after some uncomfortable hours I was finally able to sleep. I enjoyed the rest from the organised chaos at home and knew I was in better hands in the hospital, just for one night though.

Morning came and I was offered a bed pan, a commode or if I felt safe to go to the toilet…. Hmmm tough choice! Pass me the crutches please. Physio came by and made sure I was able to use my crutches safely and showed me a few exercises to keep some strength in my quad, the good leg was getting worked out every time I moved. The surgeon popped in briefly, thankfully a lot calmer than the day before. He was happy with how the surgery went and gave me the low down on going home. Daily injections to stop blood clotting… I’m a bit soft but knew I’d have to toughen up and jab my tummy as the family are all gifted with weak stomachs. Non weight bearing, pain relief as I needed it, rest up and he was gone. Took all of 4 minutes. By lunchtime I was able to go home. Still flying high on the pain relief I was feeling good about going home.


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  1. normofthenorth on June 15, 2014 1:00 pm

    Nice photo. Have you explained why you need the fancy compression sock on the left?
    For some reason, your fancy WordPress theme makes your text almost illegible on my Android phone (UC Browser). It looks fine on my laptop (Opera), but awful on the phone - though the photo looks perfect.

  2. delia1951 on June 15, 2014 3:30 pm

    Compression sock usually given to any patient that is in bed for 24 hours. My surgery in Illinois was considered outpatient, so in at 6:30am and out at 4:30pm..Dee

  3. Stuart on June 16, 2014 3:07 pm

    Kylie - Happy all went well for you. It looks like you have a different boot. This one seems fixed at the ankle so I guess you must have some wedges under the heel.

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