Mother of 4 contemplating the non surgical vs surgical options as the Dr went through what my fate would be over the next 3 - 6 months. It was overwhelming to take it all in, I knew nothing of this type of injury and decided the  non surgical Willits Protocol was the best option. So the nurse came in to put my leg in plaster, my first one in 37 years, not as cool as I thought it would be when I was 12.

In a heap of pain as I got my calf squeezed by a few doctors to ensure I had ruptured it, she began to tell my husband that she had never done a cast like this before. Awesome I had a newbie working on my precious leg that I had grown exceedingly found of. She did her best with the help of James my other half holding my foot in position. 10 minutes and it was done, some more tears then she showed me how to use my crutches. I asked for pain relief and information on the next few weeks. She popped out got another dr to fill a script gave it to James. No more information than that and we were free to go. I can’t even get a cold at my place before the walls start falling in let alone being dependant with limited mobility, contemplating not driving for months was sending my head into a spin. I knew that 4 kids at 4 different schools was going to bite me in the arse. Ouch!
The Mothership has fallen!
My husband by my side started to look like he needed a hospital bed from the shock of his new life, he laughed it off but I knew he was going to cry if he didn’t laugh :)


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