The Event

June 8, 2014 |  Tagged , , |

Two weeks ago I went to netball training to be carried to my car 20 minutes later after the dreaded event. I was standing still ready to intercept a pass from a standing position to taking off leading with my right leg, next thing I looked at my team mate surprised she could get that far from me after booting me in the back of the leg, was quite convinced my team mate had kicked me until I saw the horror on her face when I said “You kicked me!” She didn’t and I realised the pop I heard was my Achilles’ tendon not a gunshot in the local area. The girls crowded around and gave their google inspired diagnosis. They were spot on actually. I started heavy breathing like I was in labour to lessen the pain, didn’t want to cry like a girl despite being one. All I could think of was what do you mean I will need surgery, won’t be able to drive etc I have a family. The mothership can’t go down! My husband was at rugby with two of our sons and our eldest was at home with the youngest so already this injury wasn’t fitting in with my evening. The girls worked out a plan and drove me home, husband pulled up at the same time and we were off to the hospital. My dad arrived on the scene gave me some pain killers as he took my shoe off ….Holy Crap …then their were tears like I was a kid again.
We arrived at the local Emergency department and it was a mad house 3 hours later I was told by the Dr what I still didn’t believe
” You have ruptured your achilles miss” my next question was “What does that mean?” …..


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