The day after the event poses a few issues for our family. Our youngest Hemi who turns four later in this crazy week has struggled with my injury. Hemi has Autism. Change is very difficult for children with Autism and Hemi is no exception. I am the only one who drives him to kindy and therapy so clearly that’s out of the question for a while. His Dad dropped him off and my Dad picked him up.

I could hear the screaming before they hit the driveway, quickly I hopped off the bed and grabbed my crutches… He was in a full on meltdown. As I unlocked the door there he lay screaming, hitting as my Dad tried to protect his head from the concrete. I felt helpless. My Dad tried to explain what happened and I could see the heart break in his eyes as he told me. Hemi saw Pa’s truck and normally he would love a ride with him but not from school. He started saying “Mommy’s car” over and over then hit Dad several times as he tried to get him into his carseat with the help of his teacher aide, he tried with all his might to break the windows in the truck. 10 minutes in a car with Hemi in meltdown mode is stressful for everyone and Pa got to see something he had never experienced with him before. I would normally restrain my boy, squeeze him tight and make the room dark until he calmed down but I couldn’t even pick him up. There’s not much you can do but let him ride it out, once he’s over it he’s back to his cheeky self. 45 minutes later he was back.

Saturday is sports central in our family so hubby took the boys to rugby and our girl went to netball. Hemi showed his frustration again as I couldn’t play and run around with him so while making our lunch he pulled every item of clothing out of my drawers, squirted out my make up, emptied my typically overloaded woman’s handbag on the floor. He showed me what he couldn’t tell me “This sucks” I agreed.

Fortunately he has come to terms with my lack of mobility and worked out who can do what for him in the family and most of all who can drive. Such a smart little guy!

Meanwhile my cast had to get re-plastered as the first one wasn’t in a plantar flexion position (toes pointing down) my foot was almost at a 90 degree angle and was very painful. I also managed to slip off my crutches on my way home from the children’s emergency as my eldest son was stung by a bee and had an anaphylactic reaction. I got a big knock to my head and cut my head open, bruised up my knee, knocked my sore leg. A few days of headaches and memory loss I went to my GP to be told I had concussion.

What a bloody week !


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  1. normofthenorth on June 9, 2014 1:51 am

    For a precedent, you can read doug53’s blog. Partly to return to helping with his autistic child’s care ASAP, he invented perhaps the fastest ATR rehab ever reported on this site. It worked for him, though it’s never been tested in a big group of patients. Multiple casts usually end up slower than a boot, if you do want to be prompt. Check out ../cecilia/protocols for a summary of the best modern non-op protocols (all of whom should work great post-op, too, and two of which have done so).

  2. kylie on June 9, 2014 11:13 am

    Thanks normofthenorth I will check it out :)

  3. normofthenorth on June 9, 2014 12:44 pm

    Whom?? :-)

  4. kylie on June 12, 2014 12:17 am

    I meant checking out doug53s blog which was an interesting read. Thanks for sending me the info. Yet to check out the other one :)
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