Five weeks post-op

Hey everyone. First, I just want to thank everyone here for posting about their experiences and sharing valuable insights.

This is my first post so I would like to walk everyone through a timeline of what happened:
December 6th: Ruptured my Achilles tendon playing basketball (a minor slip)
December 12th: Had it operated where the OS used a specific technique which resulted in a very small incision (~ 1cm)
December 24th: Put on a cast with my fingers pointing down for three weeks

There were no real complications until now, the wound is healing nicely and there was no real swelling except in the first two days post-op.
On Wednesday, I have another appointment to get one last cast with my foot in neutral position. I am to keep my foot in this cast for two weeks.

What’s interesting is that during my last visit at the OS’s, he said that I will be going directly from the cast to a shoe with a heel raise, meaning I won’t be using the boot at all. That got me a little worried after reading everyone’s posts here, where the majority (if not everyone) went to a boot first. I would really appreciate your comments and ask you if you think I should talk to my OS about going into an aircast boot first.

THanks :)

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