It’s getting harder! Patience required…

I did think that 6 weeks in would be easier that this… Have been walking almost 2 weeks and I must say that I am finding it frustrating at still not being able to do a lot of things. I know that it is going to take a lot of time to heal fully but that doesn’t make it easier! I want to do things now… Anyway, I am finding physio great and I think there is certainly a little improvement all the time and my leg is getting stronger. The excercises are getting easier. My scar at the bottom though has been sore and sensitive to touch much more that the scar higher up my leg and the physio works more on the bottom part which is not very pleasant. I just needed to have a moan…sorry!

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  1. You have quoted almost verbatum every one of us here. I was so jealous of the kids that were ahead of me in the’s called a marathon for a reason. I know it doesn’t help to say you will be looking back on this soon…but you will. Hang in there and VENT,VENT,VENT…we are all listening!
    You are already ahead of where I was at 6wks..celebrate!

  2. Gail is right, 6 weeks will feel like a lifetime at the point you’re at but it really is just the beginning. I’m post 6 months and just beginning to feel everything is getting back to normal. When you first start this journey you can’t believe it can possibly take so long, but as time passes you begin to appreciate when they say 12 month to full recovery they mean it. At 12 weeks your pretty much back on your feet but certainly not normal, by 6 month your flexibilty will be coming back. I’m about 7 months and actually said this weekend when I walk I can’t feel any difference - no pain, no tightness and no sign of a limp. I can manage heal lift but not hold them for long but I know it will come. Use this site to get rid of your frustration, but learn from those ahead it will get better just give it time.

  3. Well said LL! Now if we could just get all the people in our lives to understand truely the 12 month recovery concept!

  4. Thanks guys. I know I’m not the only one going through this, though it does feel like it sometimes. Many thanks and cheers

  5. I feel for you. i’m only 3 weeks, so you are way ahead of me. Like people say here it is a marathon and i dont think we understand how much until we can look back. Its unfortunate but only those that have joined the ATR club know the deal.

    Does any one find that as much as others try to understand they dont really. We struggle away on our crutches, and for those ahead of me, boots etc, and i try not to ask for help. So much people think if you dont complain u can do EVERYTHING! Its very frustrating…

    Keep on smiling..we will get there and will we appreciate things other’s take for granted.

  6. Walking at 6 weeks sounds pretty good to me. Yes it is a marathon, but it isn’t a race. Everyone goes at different speeds but the important thing is to get there in the end.
    I know it’s easy for me to say now 6 months on, and if you read my earlier posts you’ll see that I went through exactly the same periods of frustration as has many others.
    One of the great things about this site is that the rest of us understands what you’re going through. Keep going - it’s not forever.

  7. I’m at 14 weeks and believe me when I say there IS light at the end of what may seem a pretty dark tunnel at this point in time. Hang in there and stay positive, this site has been like my third crutch!!

  8. I’m just a little ahead of you in the recovery journey and I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be able to do everything NOW and not being able to.

    It is frustrating but what helps me is to celebrate every little thing I can do that I wasn’t doing before. I never realized, in the beginning how long this would be….LOL..I thought 3-6 wks and I’d be fine. I was quickly disabused of that notion. This site has been wonderful for my morale and I have vented a few times myself….I have met great people and their stories remind me that I will heal and get my life back.

    If anything, I’ve learned how strong and determined I really am.

    Hang in there….everyday there is improvement and a victory to celebrate.

  9. It sounds like you are doing great, so be encouraged. I am right behind you at 5 wks 4 days post ATR.

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