2nd Physio after Bosworth op

Just back from my 2nd physio and the improvement in my foot, I feel is huge.  The day after the 1st session I noticed that a lot of the swelling had gone, which surprised me.  The physio is gentle movements and does not hurt.  I have plenty of excercises to do at home and I plan on doing them 3 times a day, at my own pace.  With the little extra movement I now have, after only 3 days of excercise, I do believe that I will be in better shape to commence walking on tuesday though I realise that this will not happen overnight!

2 Responses to “2nd Physio after Bosworth op”

  1. Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work w/the physio. It’s well worth it!

  2. be patient with this injury.You must take time before playing again!

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