1st Physio

Just back from my 1st session of physio which was not that bad at all, don’t know what I was worried about!  Plenty of excercises to start doing at home prior to starting walking again next tuesday. These excercises which mostly seem to be stretching the AT should make walking a lot easier.  I now feel that I am on the road to recovery. Cheers

3 Responses to “1st Physio”

  1. Wow..you are really moving along great. I can’t believe you are going to be walking so soon. That is amazingly wonderful for you. Keep up the excellent work.. but do be careful….

  2. Great to hear KT66!
    Keep up the good work, be careful, and take it slow, at first…but of course, enjoy this next milestone!
    You earned it!

  3. 3 or 4 weeks post-op is very early for stretching exercises, especially if you’re dorsiflexing past the neutral position. I’d amplify those “be careful” suggestions. If you’re PT suggested any stretches with your foot on the floor, using your body weight, I’d ignore those for a few weeks. My PT was much more enthusiastic about stretching than I was, and I just went with me, and my ROM is perfect.

    Later on, if your PT suggests stretching even after your left-leg ROM is as good as your right-leg ROM, I’d just ignore it. Now, early on, I’d be very gentle, because the consequences of over-stretching are much worse than those of under-stretching.

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