It’s getting harder! Patience required…

I did think that 6 weeks in would be easier that this… Have been walking almost 2 weeks and I must say that I am finding it frustrating at still not being able to do a lot of things. I know that it is going to take a lot of time to heal fully but that doesn’t make it easier! I want to do things now… Anyway, I am finding physio great and I think there is certainly a little improvement all the time and my leg is getting stronger. The excercises are getting easier. My scar at the bottom though has been sore and sensitive to touch much more that the scar higher up my leg and the physio works more on the bottom part which is not very pleasant. I just needed to have a moan…sorry!

Started Walking Today!

Physio is going extremely well and it has certainly made starting to walk an awful lot easier.  I was very weary of putting weight on my leg but I was very pleasantly surprised.  Taking it very easy and slowly seems to be working.

2nd Physio after Bosworth op

Just back from my 2nd physio and the improvement in my foot, I feel is huge.  The day after the 1st session I noticed that a lot of the swelling had gone, which surprised me.  The physio is gentle movements and does not hurt.  I have plenty of excercises to do at home and I plan on doing them 3 times a day, at my own pace.  With the little extra movement I now have, after only 3 days of excercise, I do believe that I will be in better shape to commence walking on tuesday though I realise that this will not happen overnight!

1st Physio

Just back from my 1st session of physio which was not that bad at all, don’t know what I was worried about!  Plenty of excercises to start doing at home prior to starting walking again next tuesday. These excercises which mostly seem to be stretching the AT should make walking a lot easier.  I now feel that I am on the road to recovery. Cheers

Physio starting!

I ruptured my left achilles tendon on 12 Feb playing tennis and had surgery on 14 Feb. I had my cast and stitches / staples removed on 4 March and am now free of any cast. I am not allowed any weight on my leg for another 7 days. My physio is due to start today and I’m just wondering what that is going to be like? I am not looking forward to it as I guess it will hurt, though I know it will do me good. Cheers!