Two weeks post op, now in the boot

I found this site, and was interested in people sharing there experiences of there Achilles injuries. I found it to be beneficial to know other people are in the same boat as you.

I, like many others here, had a complete Achilles rupture. It happened playing in flag football league, just went to run and pop, down I went. It has been two weeks since the surgery and I have finally gotten out of the splint and into the boot.

NWB, is about as much fun as i thought it would be, Its a tough transition from being fairly active to being reduced to the couch.

I am enjoying watching a bunch of movies and playing video games, but i can tell it will only hold me over so long. I understand it a waiting game, so I’ll do my best to be patient until I am pwb and fwb. I also get to catch up on a bunch of reading, and that’s been fun. Anything to help pass the time.

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