Wait, Weight, Walk

July 15th, 2010  Tagged , ,

So today was 5 weeks post operation & Non Weight Bearing and my second appointment. My surgeon’s on holiday so I didn’t get to see him, instead it was a date with my plaster technician. As I waited in the foyer I got a case of those horrible hospital nerves even though I knew I was in no serious danger! I knew that I was going to have my foot repositioned into neutral but I did NOT foresee the pain that that would cause me! As the technician pushed my stiff foot back I squealed as I asked him if there was any chance that this rigourous pushing would make my tendon re rupture! He said he wouldn’t do it if he feared it would snap so I put as much trust in him as my fear would permit me to. Eventually we got it to 90 degrees and I was recasted and given a shoe to wear over the cast.

He encouraged me to put weight on but I was too afraid! I’ve been told to walk with one crutch and gradually wean off it. I’ve tried walking and it’s definitely tricky! I feel like a baby learning their first steps again.

Now my dilemna.

On the car journey home, my dad suggested pulling out of the holiday I’m due to go on with my friends next week - he doesn’t think I’d enjoy it much in my current condition! I don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to fly and spend 3 and a half weeks in a hot country with a big cast on!  I’m going to call my surgeon on Monday and ask him if there are any alternative supports I can have that will enable me to be somewhat involved in the trip. I also want to be able to walk with as little a limp as possible so I’m going to be up as much as I can, obviously not pushing myself though. I already missed my Prom because of this injury AND had to sit the most important exams of my life in post op agony, I don’t want another part of my summer to be ruined too!

- Kristy