Jan 27 2011

3 years after ATR rupture, surgery and open fun wound..All Is Well!

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I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years since my rupture! Dennis - great job upgrading the site. It was an essential resource for me throughout the fun. Tonight I just went back and looked at my posts with my yuck open wound and I’ve come a long way. I play tennis and run now. I will say both achilles feel tight a lot, but I try to stretch. And, although my ATR hole has closed…there’s still a scab in middle…weird bec it’s been 3 years…AND yep, I moisturize daily. Big adhesion from all the scar tissue, but I’m happy to be active again. Hang in there everyone! You’ll be your best self in no time!!!

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Jul 21 2010

2.5 years post ATR and achilles is hanging on. Days filled with tennis and 10K’s.

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It’s been 2.5 years since my ATR. Since then I’m back at playing tennis, even singles tennis. And I’ve been running 4 times a week since January. My first 10K is in a week. Then, setting my sights on a half marathon. I kind of thought that once achilles was repaired it would feel perfect. Many times I feel like the tendonitis has returned, but I’m still going. And, my bad foot is still so tight; and it’s been 2.5 years. Some of the tightness is due to adhesions. I had a huge open wound for 6 mths bec staples didn’t hold the incision, so had MRSA too and wound closure took a while. I laugh because I wish they had a vacuum cleaner that could suction the adherred skin away from my tendon. Because no way, no how will I ever have anything surgically done to fix it.  I check in with the site and I enjoy reading about everyone’s journey. Since my rupture I’m fitter than I’ve been in 10+ years. And, often when I run I think how lucky I am to have legs that work to be able to run at all. Definitely makes me appreciate the road we’ve been on–how far we’ve come and how much more we can do. Hang in there you guys! You’ll be back to being your best self in no time!

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Apr 09 2010

2 Yr ATR Anniversary - All is well, 5K, tennis, yoga-scar still looks bad, so no leg modeling in my future

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ATR rupture with MRSA and big hole - 2 years later

ATR rupture with MRSA and big hole - 2 years later

Hello there! Yesterday was my 2 year ATR anniversary. I tried to post then but the site was having some trouble. I’ve come a long way in these past 2 years. After I ruptured I had a 1 1/2 inch diameter hole in the base of my achilles where the staples didn’t hold. Multiple grafts and wound finally closed after 6 mths. MRSA fun and all. I’ve been enjoying getting stronger each day. I’ve been playing tennis for a long time now, but in January I began a RunnersWorld.com training program and am doing a 5K next week. I can run for 35 minutes without stopping, and I’ve NEVER been a runner. Funny that my achilles feels great running, but when I play tennis it’s that damn side to side motion that is really hard on my bad foot.  I still get deep tissue massages every so often to try and break up the scar tissue. The thing that is really helping me (at least I think so) is Bikram Yoga. It’s always been on my bucket list…so, at least 3 times a week I’m in a damn hot room (106 degrees) doing these crazy yoga poses. The heat (I think) is helping the stiffness in my ATR foot because I’m not as stiff as I used to be in my bad foot.

I’m always making sure I stretch out before tennis really well. In the winter my tennis partner and I were in the middle of a match (she ruptured her left foot 6 mths before me). And, all of a sudden she goes to hit a ball, and her other foot, her right foot, POP. Once you’ve been thru this before, unfortunately, you know what you’ve done. So, drove her home and her crutches were still in the garage so back to the beginning. I think of her when I play now…while I think that if you are going to rupture..it’s gonna happen…BUT, I’m trying to do as much as I can to prevent anything…if there’s such a thing as prevention.

This site has been so helpful during the year when I ruptured. It was the one place to turn to read advice from folks that are going through the same things. Great job Dennis! Happy healing to you all! You’ll be better soon. Patience, I’ve found, is essential. I wanted to share a pic of what my scar looks like now. It looks like hell…but, it’s been closed forever, and I’m so active, more active now than I’ve been in a long time. Have a wonderful Spring! Thanks Dennis for this great support site! -Kristin in Atlanta

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Aug 24 2009

Enjoying tennis, beaches, pools and “normal” life 1yr 4mths post op, wound, etc.

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Dennis-I love all the changes you’ve made to the site! AWESOME JOB!  Yep, I’ve been lax at posting. I do read posts every couple weeks. Seems like yesterday I was where most of you are. I’m back to playing tennis all the time now. I’m 1 yr, 4mth post op. And, still have crazy scar tissue that has built up and not sure if it will ever break down. I try and massage the area regularly, and get some 30 minute massages just on the achilles. I still have this scab thing going on. When people see my foot they still say, “What happened to you?” and, they can’t believe that it looks like it does after 15 mths. I keep reminding myself that it was a huge hole and it looks so much better.

I love resuming my normal, every day things. I empathize every time I see someone on crutches. My crutches, shower stool and knee walker are still around, and let’s hope I never need them again. Prior to my kids school year, they have a day where you go to school and meet the teacher…I remembered that this time last year I was using my knee walker zooming around the school. The kids thought I was so cool.

To all of you newly ruptured…you’ll be back to normal soon. It just takes time and patience. I appreciate my mobility so much more now as a result of the achilles journey. Happy Healing and Much Patience to you all!

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Jun 23 2009

1yr, 2 mths since rupture-Back to Tennis and current record 3W-0L; OK to be in pool now too. :) Pics attached, but not pretty.

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Well hello there! I ruptured my achilles tendon April 6 of 2008 so it’s been about 1 yr and almost 3 mths. After rupture staples didn’t hold incision, so huge hole of a wound about 1.5 inches in diameter. Because of huge open wound I had MRSA also, but we licked that within a few weeks. Multiple grafts and wound vac, and after 6 mths of open wound it apparently closed in October.  Since then it’s been a scabby road I’ve been on. GOOD NEWS NOW: I began playing tennis again and have won all of my matches. I hope to be able to play singles again…but for now, it double’s. Also, just this June I’ve been comfortable enough with my scabby wound, or whatever you call it now, to get into a swimming pool. It been great! We vacation in Florida, and not getting in the water has been tough. So, I’m going about my daily life and am more active now, doing bootcamp classes and running a little. I still am not sure how much damn longer my scar/wound will look like it does…it looks really bad, but so, so much better than it did before. I have SO much scar tissue built up. I try and massage it daily, but am not very consistent. I do pay and have a massage just on my scar pretty frequently…so much for the relaxing massages! :) I’m putting all kinds of things on the scabby wound to keep it moist, like Vitamin E oil, various lotions, etc. I’ve attached pics…I’ve been meaning to put them up for a while…I took them myself from my iPhone, so not Portrait Quality…so, if you’d like a framed picture pls email me and I’ll autograph one for you. You think these pics looks bad? Take a look at my earlier posts to see how far I’ve come…but viewer discretion advised. :)  Good luck to you all on this patient journey…we’ll all be back to normal one day…one day.  Oh, I forgot…Question for you all…do any of you wear an ankle brace when you play sports now? Not sure if I should wear one for extra support or not. Pls advise Fellow ATR Dr’s. You guys are the best resource…so much better than our physicians! Nighty Night! - Kristin

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Apr 19 2009

1 year and 1 week rupture surgery anniversary! Still no swimming pool, but otherwise all is well.

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  • Hello! Well, last Weds. I was officially at 1 year post surgery from my achilles tendon rupture. I intended to update last week but swamped with kid stuff and work. The wonderful thing was…since my rupture I haven’t been able to walk on the beach in the sand. But, this spring break I was able to do that after 1 year! Before I couldn’t go to the beach because I couldn’t get sand in my wound. Can’t believe it’s been 1 year…especially given that I STILL CAN”T GET IN A SWIMMING POOL!  Yep…crazy…I have this scabby wound that is still there.  It’s gotten smaller and smaller, but when I remove the scab occasionally when it gets too dry there is still an open part left. (At some point I’ll post a pic for your viewing pleasure…it’s come a long way since the beginning huge hole) On the great side…I’m not limping any more, and I’m returning to the tennis court this summer for USTA. To prepare for my professional tennis career debut (hehehehe) I’ve been jogging some and doing some boot camp classes and working on side-to-side movements. I need to do explosion-type movements, but I’m a little scared to do that. Mind over matter huh?!?!?!? Happy healing to all of you! Reflecting on the last year I’ve learned a lot, especially in the patience department. I’ve learned to reach out more to my friends in need…as I so appreciated their help last year in the couple weeks after my surgery. May the rest of you continue to get stronger each day and be back to your former selves in no time! Thanks Dennis for the wonderful site where all of us can share our experiences and get invaluable advice! Have a great week everyone! - Kristin

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Feb 05 2009

10 Mth Mark! How time flies! Scabby Wound Still but better

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Hello! Yep, I’ve been in my little world lately..checkin in on the new ruptures but not posting…because same ole, same ole here. I can’t believe I’m at the 10 month mark….seems like long ago in some ways, but just yesterday in other ways. I so don’t miss those crutches and boot and knee walker. At 10 mths I can elliptical and bike like a mad woman…I can walk pretty intensely too…but, I need to progress to jogging some and then work my way up to running. To get back on the tennis courts…I feel like I need to be able to run pretty well. Wound Update - Saw Wound Ctr last week again. Although my wound is officially “closed” (I still won’t get in bathtub, pool or hot tub or spa pedicure at nail place) I still have this scab thing going on. It does gets smaller…and periodically I cut away the scab if it’s been on there a while…but, a new scab comes back…now, I know…we all think that the scab will one day fall off and there will be nice skin….well, hmmm…my scab has been here since wound closed on Oct. 5th…so, nice skin has had a lot of time to form…but nope. I wear normal tennis shoes to the gym, but oftentimes I still wear my backless shoes…doesn’t aggravate the scab as much. HELP PLS - So, for the longest time when I go up in a calf raise with my bad foot I have the weirdest pain in my metatarsel region…it’s like I have a pin in the middle of my foot and it springs back and forth as I go up and down…this hasn’t gotten any better. Someone told me to roll a small ball around my foot in the middle of it to work out the area. I’m wondering…will this ever go away? It borders on painful each time I go up on my toes. I know that the foot hasn’t been worked like normal for mths while I was on crutches, but I thought that by this point all would be better. :)  :) May all of you new members to the gimpy club hang in there! This will all be behind you before you know it! :) Nighty Night!

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Dec 22 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone! All is ok except still little limp and this damn wound/scab. One day, One day…may 2009 be great!

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Happy Holidays to all! In 2009 may we all be back to our “normal” selves…but even better and stronger than ever! You know it’s been forever since a post when you almost forget your password. SIGH. I do check in and read what’s going on in others’ world… It’s always the same challenges out there…we are all so much the same. Happy Healing Everyone..it gets better!!!

I still go to rehab about every week. I now have an electro-stim unit that I use every day at home…so that’s nice. My surgery was April 15…OH MY GOSH!  April is forever away and in April I wouldn’t think that I’d even be thinking about my foot. Oh well. :) I still have a limp a little bit…but I’m trying to not limp…it just is still there. I can elliptical and bike til the cows come home. When I do calf raises…and I can raise my bad foot every so slightly…I feel this weird thing going on in my metatarsal (sp?)..It’s like a spring in there keeps opening on the way up and compressing when I come down. Hope this will go away. The most annoying thing is this stupid wound thing. Yes it’s closed (as of Oct.6th after millions of dollars in wound care and grafts (I exaggerate..not a million…just a few thousand)…but I still have this area that is just and remains a scab. After my Ortho scratched his head he wanted me to get my plastic surgeon’s opinion….so, went to plastic surgeon to see if he should cut it open and re-stitch it up. And, he said that there is no way that he can do that because of all the scar tissue there and that there is no excess skin to pull to even attempt the closure to be successful. So, I’m to massage the area each day in hopes of “loosening up the skin.” Of course, there is a 3hour procedure where he can do a skin graft, but that’s really complicated and I could end up much worse. Again, I don’t care one bit what the scar looks like…I just want normal skin to be there, no scab, and want to be able to swim and get in a bath tub with my bad foot. After plastic surgeon gave me that “advice.” Basically saying it will heal, it will just take time. Oh my, how patient I have been…open wound from April til October, no scab that never comes off to reveal nice skin. blah blah blah…I cld my Wound Ctr folks and went to see them. They said that my skin is in the re-forming stage still and that it will take time…maybe even 6 more mths to heal completely. Baha ha ha ha. They did cut away a lot of the scab and I’m going to return to them every 6 weeks to have them keep trimming away stuff. So, the Wound/Scab thing still exists, and I’m still wearing backless shoes..but, I’m going to start wearing normal tennis shoes to the gym and I’ll see if that does anything to the incision. Other than that, life is good. I want to get back on the tennis courts..but, I guess I should be able to run before going out there. :) And, the kids are getting excited for Christmas. Santa is coming..yippee! I will say that I’ve missed my handicap tag while doing holiday shopping…that would have been nice. :) I’m rambling now..Hang in there everyone! You’ll get better…some will be on a fast track to recovery and all “mavericky” (hahahha…those were funny SNL skits), and other’s will be recovering at a snail’s pace like me. But, we’ll all be better and more thoughtful as a result of our injury. Enjoy your day today. Happy Holidays Everyone! - Kristin in Atlanta

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Nov 18 2008

Hey! Still here at 8.5 mths, still scabby wound…Tmrow is another day, one day I’ll never be scabby wounded again…

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Hey there fellow ATR friends! I’ve been on a little blog vaca and haven’t posted for a while. But, I do check in and read your blog. Love the recent Black Dog post, how true! I’m about 8.5 mths out (April 6th rupture). I’m still hanging in there. Limping some still. I’m able to ride the stationary bike for a long time, and elliptical. A few times I’ve been able to do a little, teeny, one-legged calf raise. My wound closed over a mth ago, and I’m still dealing with the never ending circle of scab opening up in places and raw skin underneath. Mind you, I’m keeping vaseline, bactroban and silvadene on it when it’s needed to balance it being too wet or too dry. I’m getting electro stim at the rehab place once a week. Increasing blood flow is key. I’m going Thursday to a massage therapist that can work on massaging gently and breaking up scar tissue. Life is good these days, other than the perpetual wound thing. One day I want to have normal skin there…I still can’t swim in a pool or things like that. At times I get a little tired of dealing with wound issues since my surgery on April 6th. I still think there is some magic potion out there that my wound dr and ortho don’t know about. I may even see what a dermatologist has to say…maybe they have special magic wands they can use. :)  :) Also, I’m trying Vitamin E on the wound. If any of you have any other ideas on how to have my wound heal underneath the scab it would be great. I leave it uncovered when I’m home. But, when I’m out I put cream on and a sock or something…to protect it from getting dirty and getting kicked. :)  We are spending Thanksgiving in Florida again this year. This visit I can walk on the beach! Yeah! Kids are looking forward to the outing.  I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving! Happy healing everyone!

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Oct 17 2008

The Wondrous Scabby Wound -reply for you Kevin (your Comments field isn’t turned on on your site)

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 OK…This pic looks gross…I know…just like all my other pics, but since I’ve shared with you along the way, so goes the new pic. :) I was an expert at Wound Care, and now I’m trying to learn about scab care. I’m hoping that in a few weeks the scab will come off and great skin will be underneath. Time will tell that I guess. If anyone else has experience in scab care let me know. IMy wound closed..but by having it scabbed over so long, hopefully once scab comes off I’ll have great skin below. :) Basically I leave it uncovered all the time. If I’m out in public I have a sock or something on…to spare people the sight and also to give it a little protect God forbid someone kicks me or runs something into the wound site.

Kevin-I wanted to reply to your post re:your wound, but somehow you’ve turned off the Comments on your page so we can’t leave comments. :) So, look at your recent post and see if you can get the Comments section back. As you know, I also did a Wound Vac, but only for 1 week. Lesson learned is I should have kept vac on longer, but Dr. kept saying no, no…send it back. For me we had to do 2 Integra grafts. My wound took as long as yours (surgery early April)…and twice the Dr. felt that if we didn’t do the grafts then the skin would unlikely grow over the tendon on it’s own. See, like you my Dr’s before going to wound ctr had me treating the wound and dressing it just like you…and packing it like you did.  It sounds like you are now on your way to wound closure. Did you have the surgery to close it yet? I’m sure you’ll soon be closed and we’ll have a party together! Oh, and I was going to rehab with the open wound. I would leave it covered…and we would move the dressings around so PT can put the electric stim and other things on it. There’s no reason why you have to wait to go to rehab if you have a wound. You can still do all the exercises, etc. That said, as you know from reading others’ blogs…rehab isn’t a total necessity…I’m sure you’ll find since your surgery was so long ago..that your strength is pretty good. I liked rehab for the 2nd opinion on things I can do…and I also think that the electric stim can’t hurt and can only help with blood flow to my wound. Keep me posted. Fix your comments on your site, or reply on mine so we can stay in touch!

Have a great weekend friends!

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