gnarly scar

Its been two years since my Achilles rupture and surgery and overall I am doing well. I can run, bike and do most everything I want to (long distance driving is still fatiguing and makes my Achilles sore though). However, I am noticing that my scar has gotten thicker and rubs on many of my [...]

5 month funk

The most common question I get these days is “so how’s the Achilles…all better now?” I am not even sure how to answer. All better? Far from it! I walk with a limp, am in pain much of the day, still take stairs one at a time, my PT progress could be measured with a [...]

“Its like patience is part of your therapy”

I thought I’d share with you all what a wise friend and co-worker said to me the other day on our drive together to work. I was telling her about how I was in a holding pattern with PT. My PT had told me I could schedule fewer appointments with her since she had pretty [...]

Where are all my right shoes?

In 3 more days until I see my surgeon again and hopefully will be booting the boot! I have a mix of emotions…mostly excitement of course, but also some fear and uncertainty. My PT said I might need a crutch or cane for awhile and it sounds like limping will be my new mode of [...]

definition of PWB and FWB

Can anyone tell me for the progress tracker if PWB and FWB means with or without a boot? Big difference so matters for the averages

Finally out of the cast!

After almost 6 weeks since my injury and 5 1/2 since surgery the casts are off and I am in a boot and off to PT this AM. spent much of last night bathing, exfoliating and shaving my very hairy and shriveled reptilian leg. it’s starting to look kind of human again although half the [...]

Life Lessons From My Achilles

My story, like so many others, began with an unexpected pop, a turn of the head to see who had kicked me and a step that felt like there was no earth below me.  I had just joined a woman’s soccer league and was at my first practice. I had never played soccer before but [...]

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