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Its been two years since my Achilles rupture and surgery and overall I am doing well. I can run, bike and do most everything I want to (long distance driving is still fatiguing and makes my Achilles sore though). However, I am noticing that my scar has gotten thicker and rubs on many of my shoes. It seems to be getting worse lately. I have an appointment with the PT to see if more manual work or something else might help. Anyone else had scar work done so far out from their injury? Anything in particular to try-laser, ultrasound?

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  1. Kristen - Some people are prone to what is called keloid scarring (think I have the spelling right). The scar will raise up over time. There are a couple of things that can be done. The first are some injections into the scar (subtances evades me at the moment but my memory is saying a steroid) and the second is laser. I took my daughter to a plastic surgeon years ago to have this treatment for some prominant scars and it worked great. The doc did say there was a chance they would return but they haven’t. The injections did not help much but combining with a few treatments with the laser did the trick. Relatively painless and my daughter is a sook when it comes to pain. Still had to hold her hand and she was all grown up.

  2. I should have been more specific…its not the actual scar on the skin that is the problem, its the internal scar tissue. My hubby makes keloids so I know what those look like and this isn’t one of those. Its more that the scar tissue around the achilles is thick and bulbous under the skin. I am thinking I just wasnt aggressive enough in massage as it was healing. PT appt this week so we’ll see what can be done

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  3. A lot of talk about crutches over the past few days. In the UK we mostly use elbow (or European style) crutches. Surely these must be more comfortable? I’ve used them twice over the years without problem, once with my atr for a few days, and once when I had had foot surgery a long time ago.

    Someone on here said some time ago that you can buy these in most countries, including via Amazon.

    What do you think?

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