Where are all my right shoes?

In 3 more days until I see my surgeon again and hopefully will be booting the boot! I have a mix of emotions…mostly excitement of course, but also some fear and uncertainty. My PT said I might need a crutch or cane for awhile and it sounds like limping will be my new mode of transportation for some time. I wonder if I will feel I can trust my leg to drive, the Achilles to stay intact and my body to do what it needs to do. It’s been so long!

I would love to hear more from others about what to expect over these next few days and weeks. I am thinking that there may be a slow down before I get more mobile? My PT said it will likely be another 2 weeks before driving. I am really hoping I can start some form of exercise too as one can only do so many push ups.

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  1. hello,

    I’ve been in shoes for just under a week. I’m still on crutches but the difference it makes is amazing. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get over the ‘fear’ as things start moving again, it will feel odd a first but just take your time.

    My thing was that after 6 months in casts (long story) I walked lob-sided so I need to get weight onto my bad leg and level myself up.

    Already in just under a week my walking is getting a better and with any luck I’ll go down to one crutch soon.

    Look after yourself and enjoy the new found freedom!



  2. Take it slow. You will get better results walking slower and properly than quicker with a limp. Do this and within a couple of weeks you’ll be walking pretty much perfectly :-)

  3. Take it slowly…that about sums up Achilles recovery…no rushing this recovery

  4. I love your story, only because I can relate so much! I cant wait to shave and exfoliate my right leg. My left looks like a mutant leg. Everytime the Doctor changes my cast, I think to myself. Please dont judge me! I hope that your recovery goes great and you can start to drive again! NOW FIND YOUR RIGHT SHOES!

  5. shaving and exfoliating had to be the highlight of my whole year….just pleasure after so long. I couldn’t believe how much skin came off. My leg looked like an emaciated hairy reptile. It was only a matter of a few days though that it looked fairly normal again.

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