Finally out of the cast!

After almost 6 weeks since my injury and 5 1/2 since surgery the casts are off and I am in a boot and off to PT this AM. spent much of last night bathing, exfoliating and shaving my very hairy and shriveled reptilian leg. it’s starting to look kind of human again although half the size of it’s partner on the left. I can appreciate why rehab is a long journey. My orthopedic surgeon is apparently a great surgeon, but so many of these guys, a horrible communicator and detached from reality. I asked him for guidance on what I should and should not be doing in this boot and he just said “you can walk” asked if I should start slow or wait for guidance from PT and he said perplexed “no…just walk as much as you want”. Seriously? so after he left I tried to stand up and realized that walking wasn’t just going to happen and the woman who gave me my boot said “Um, you are going to need those crutches for awhile Hon” No Kidding! That MD probably makes 100 times the salary of the “cast lady” yet she has been my source of realistic guidance through this whole thing. Off to see the PT!

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