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Hi everyone, I hope you are recovering well if you ruptured your achilles tendon. Or maybe your just searching for some info on this topic.

I ruptured my achilles tendon the 20th of August while playing futsal (indoor soccer). The last time I played soccer was years ago. Although I was running 5 miles at least 3 times a week and keeping fit by doing Thai boxing 2 times a week, my achilles tendon ruptured just like that. I did not know that feeling,but I knew that this couldn’t be a good sign. I went to the hospital the next morning and from there it went pretty fast.
They took an echo to see if it was ruptured and if so, to what degree.
Well, the news was that I completely ruptured my tendon. The best option for me was surgery they told me.
I went back to the hospital to get a splint. The date for the surgery was the 25th of August.
Everything went fine the surgeon told me. I could go home 2 days later.

To be honest, sitting at home at first was nice, but you cannot do anything. I had to elevate my leg as much as possible. Which I did, also while sleeping.

I had to go back to the specialist 1 week later to have him checkout the wound. Looked good, got a new cast and had to come back 4 weeks later. I was very lucky that my employer let me work from home.
I saw my legs loose volume(muscle) and was counting down to the day I would get a cast I could walk with.

The day they changed the cast for my walking cast, I was happy. But then they told me I had to let it dry for 48 hours. Pffff… a little bit disappointment, but as I only had to wait 48 hours I was over this pretty quick. 2 weeks were over before I knew it and I went to the specialist for another 2 weeks of walking cast. This is what they told me, but I got a nice surprise. I told the doctor I had a dream the night before that I didn’t need a new cast. he laughed and said he would have to do some tests with my achilles.
The results were good, no cast needed. He said that I had to start physical therapy right away and make another appointment in a month from then(10/13/2009)

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