3 weeks post-op

AR Squad!


I had this whole long post and when I published it was totally blank… ugh. 

I don’t really have the time to re-do it - but things are seemingly going well. 

Question:  I sleep with the boot (Dr.’s Orders) but keep it very loose.  Is this a problem? 

Anyway, I’ll do a more thorough re-post later.


Happy Healing




4 Responses to “3 weeks post-op”

  1. Kevin, a loose boot still protects your foot and tendon, though if you forget to tighten it before walking you might over-stretch the tendon or even hurt yourself.
    I always loosened it a little when going to bed (what a relief!) and tightened it up when I got up in the morning.
    Hope this helps! :-D
    Good luck with the ongoing recovery!……. Manny

  2. Type your posts in a word type document and then you can save it to your hard drive. Copy and paste it into when you are ready so if you have problems you can do it again. Also good for spell check. I could not sleep well in the boot so I stopped sleeping in it after 3 weeks. I am not advising anyone to do this but I needed to sleep. The boot was by the bed and I always put it on when I got out. Being a bit loose in bed should not hurt and I agree with Manny.

  3. I was provided a “dorsiwedge” night splint that I wear to bed. It’s much lighter and more comfortable for sleeping - however it’s not meant for walking in. I’m at 3 weeks post surgery and I”ve been wearing it for about 3 nights since getting the walking boot on. No problems.

  4. I was given a night splint too .So i had to wrap my ankle first with a smaller crepe bandage ( comfortably tight for compression). Then put my splint and wrap again with a larger crepe bandage ( lightly wrapped ,but not loose at all) .The second bandage keeps the splint in place . I find this very comfortable to sleep in . I also use a pillow to keep the foot in splint elevated and can now sleep comfortably sideways too :)
    I totally agree with Manny.
    Good luck ..

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