Get out of Jail - Free!

It’s week 13 post ATR and I was discharged from the hospital.
Although I was hoping for a scan to check the level of recovery at least I will not miss going to the hospital.
Humorously, a few days after I sent in a caustic letter to the hospital trust CEO he resigned!
It was front page news [...]

Progress - at last

Hi all,
I’m into week 8 post ATR and life is getting slightly more positive. The boot is off at night and my toes are wiggling with freedom.
In my previous posts I mentioned the poor treatment from the allocated NHS consultant.
I raised a complaint as directed on the hospital web site. The Patient relationship Team replied [...]

Physio - at last

Nearly up to the seven week mark and had just had my 1st session of Physio.
The lady doing the work was superb; very professional, caring and we even had some two way conversations. Chalk and Cheese in comparison to the hopeless consultant.
Incidentally, after two weeks I’m still waiting for the hospital to respond to my complaint about his terrible [...]

ATR and DVT - Double Trouble

Hi fellow sufferers.

Thought I would start up my 1 st blog to share my Achilles rupture experience.

Like many bloggers the problem started with Basketball.

I’ve played since high school and used to be up to county level when TV’s were in black and [...]

Hello world!

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