Get out of Jail - Free!

It’s week 13 post ATR and I was discharged from the hospital.

Although I was hoping for a scan to check the level of recovery at least I will not miss going to the hospital.

Humorously, a few days after I sent in a caustic letter to the hospital trust CEO he resigned!

It was front page news in the local paper. I’m not shedding too many tears as I don’t think he will starve, and possibly the clinic service will improve.

On a more practical note - despite Internet reports of 5mm max gap for non-surgical recovery my ATR re-joined despite a 17mm gap.

I’m beginning to get up and down stairs and going for walks of a couple of miles unaided. The shoe wedge is still in - but I am going to remove that very soon.

My current recovery plan as recommended by the excellent physio is  :-

15 x 3 elastic band foot stretches. The foot resistance is forward, backward and at 45deg.

15 x 3 heel raises - these are tough.

Stand from sitting 3 x 15

Balance on each leg 3 x 30s.

Exercise bike - 20mins.

My physio appointments are every 3 weeks.

I am doing no sports and won’t unless I lose at least 3 stone and have no problems for 6 more months.

This will be my last post - unless something goes snap.

So, keep positive, complain if necessary, don’t lose hope and keep exercising!

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