Progress - at last

Hi all,

I’m into week 8 post ATR and life is getting slightly more positive. The boot is off at night and my toes are wiggling with freedom.

In my previous posts I mentioned the poor treatment from the allocated NHS consultant.

I raised a complaint as directed on the hospital web site. The Patient relationship Team replied that they would ‘assess’ my complaint and get back to me

by 60 days - or longer. In this period I could probably grow a new limb, never mind an Achilles. This also left me in Limbo unable to get a date when I could return to work or be able to  drive/walk again.

So I had to do what I have done numerous times before - go straight for the top with a letter to the Trust CEO and a supplementary letter to the trust asking them to verify that they were taking full liability for any incidents caused by my

return to work or driving without a medical assessment.

An appointment came winging in for the next day with the top geezer.

This guy was excellent. Did a Thompson test and foot pressure test. We had a 2-way conversation, the bottom line being that there was recovery.

The 17mm gap had grown back - Yippee!

He said that it was not unusual to get recovery from this size of gap non-surgically.

The only down side was that he also stressed that my sporting days of  Volleyball/Basketball were over.

After 5 weeks I still have the gout/arthritis type pain in my other foot. This has caused my normal size 12 feet to swell to size 14.

We discussed if it was worth taking anti-inflammatories. His opinion was that if I’ve stuck for 7 weeks without any medication then I should carry on.

I do hope he is correct on this one and it’s not the onset of arthritis. The consultant thought that this was natural due to the inactivity whilst recovering from ATR.

His recommendation was to raise the foot - nose to toes level as much as possible.

I’ve created some exercise mat foot shape cutouts to put between 2 thick socks. This considerably helps to ease the pain whilst walking.

The consultants assessment was that I could probably return to driving/work in 3 weeks. Although I must admit to enjoy the comfort of working from home.

I’ve also had my 2nd visit to the Physio department.

They also verified that I may be able to tap-dance again, well at least walk up stairs properly.

Nothing else much happened there - they looked at my walking gait and were happy.

My stationary cycle time was upped to 15 mins a day.

The other exercises remain the same - standing from a seated position 3 x 10 per day.

As the boot was due to be adjusted I rang the Appliance department to see if I could do this at home - and save a 2 hr timeout from work.

The response was that I had to come in for ‘insurance purposes’ and have this done professionally.

Sadly when got back home I noticed that the boot variation had been incorrectly adjusted 15-30 deg and not 10-30, so I had to adjust it myself anyway.

However the appliance guys are very good (normally), just got one who was suffering from a heavy cold and was not on all cylinders.

For the last week I’ve been on 0-30deg boot and after a bedding in period this feel fine.

After every adjustment I take it very very easy and try and get my foot used to the new freedom.

Once the foot is used to this I do a few floor exercises trying to bend the foot very gently through the full 30deg.

My other favourite exercise of walking from pub to pub and imbibing is now severely curtailed although I may make a Christmas exception today.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Tendons everybody!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Glad you are improving.

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