Physio - at last

Nearly up to the seven week mark and had just had my 1st session of Physio.

The lady doing the work was superb; very professional, caring and we even had some two way conversations. Chalk and Cheese in comparison to the hopeless consultant.

Incidentally, after two weeks I’m still waiting for the hospital to respond to my complaint about his terrible attitude and poor service.

The physio was surprised that he wrote off my ability to play sports again at our 1st meeting.

She carried out some foot bends and checked the tendon. A Thompson test showed some slight movement, but nothing to be cheerful about.

To me the leg still looks like a bag of eels.

After trying out some non-crutch aided walking there was 5 minutes on a stationary bike.

That all went well and I was instructed to try cycling each day and do 3 x 10 reps of standing from a sitting position.

I asked all the physios there if they had ever seen a 17mm gap heal without surgery. Although they did not sound hopeful they did say it was possible.

There was some tendon pain later that night from the stretching but otherwise all ok.

The other (good) foot is still very swollen. The doc thinks that I may have arthritis following on from the gout attack. To investigate I crammed in a blood test whilst I was in the hospital.

I am trying to walk around without crutches using a trainer 2 sizes bigger than normal - but even that is a tight squeeze.

At the least all the Christmas decorations are up now. It was a lot easier then last year as half of them are smashed.

This unfortunate incident occurred during my first week with crutches. I staggered and grabbed the bookcase that housed them all.

They came crashing down with gusto and there was a lot of dead snowmen and santas.

It could be worst. There’s lots of articles on the NBA guys, that even with the best treatment in the world had to stop playing.

And although not an Arsenal supporter I feel very sort for one of their players Santi Carzola who has had 9 operations on the Achilles in 14 months and lost 8cm ( and almost the foot) to a MRSA type bug.

The good news is that I’m shortly off to coach my Volleyball team in their 2nd league match. The expectation are high.

Tomorrow we are having our combined Basketball and Volleyball Christmas party involving a pub crawl and a Chinese.

Well I do need to exercise the tendon!

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  1. Congrats! Wish I was there. I hit my 6th week tomorrow and doc says no PT for another month. Hope you give us a summary of what PT you are doing!

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