Just met with my surgeon 14 weeks after being put back together. I have clearance now to start:

  • Strengthening the calf. Until now, I’ve been limited to stretching, walking, and about 10 minutes a day on an elliptical trainer.
  • Jogging slowly. Not that I’d be ready to set any speed records, but I can now start jogging at a slow pace. I think I can take the Slowskys.
  • Riding the bike. I haven’t been on my road bike since before the rupture, but now look forward to it. First things first, on the trainer, but soon on the road.

The tendon is still tight in the morning. I have no pain in the area, even after walking for miles at a time. Swelling still occurs every now and then. The calf is finally starting to look normal. Walking these past few weeks, and really concentrating on pushing off while in my running shoes, has helped. But I’m having a similar issue as others, pain in the front of the heel area, away from the tendon, that feels like a nerve pinch. My surgeon believes its the result of the swelling and operation and that things haven’t found their way back ‘home’ yet. The pain is occasional, usually when walking uphill or upstairs.

I hope the pain doesn’t affect my cycling. Having ruptured the Achilles playing basketball, I’m committed to lower impact sports like cycling and swimming. Getting back on the bike will be a great reward for being patient these past 3 months. For those of you having just ruptured, be patient, you will heal. Good luck!


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  1. snibble on April 4, 2009 11:58 am

    I am running- not literally- 2 weeks behind you having waited til jan 2 to have my injury. \just wanted to say that I was cycling as soon as I had my Aircast on and it helped me a lot. At first had little strength in injured leg and struggled up hills but now can manage 10 miles at a time with only some soreness about an hour after I stop. Other than that am walking with a very faint limp altho’ this varies from day to day. Am doing some PT mainly stretching exercises and work on a wobble board but just nice to be mobile again. will be glad to be totally pain free and have full range of movement back again- wonder how long that will take? Good luck with the rehab! Snibble UK

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