Two weeks post surgery

January 5, 2009 | |

Had a good, quick check-in with my surgeon on Friday the 2nd. They gave me a debrief of my injury, letting me know I did shred the Achilles. They see shreded Achilles in older people that have weaker connective tissue, which surprised me. They believe I just landed in a way that caused the tendon to explode. However, it looks like I’m healing nicely.

To avoid this in the future, I’m looking at exercises that specifically target strengthening connective tissues and lots and lots of stretching - likely the root cause of my Achilles. I regularly stretched my hamstrings and quads, but ignored my calf muscles.

I’m now in a fiberglass cast, nice blue and green colors. The stitches remain in, at least for the next two weeks and my next visit. I’ll be in a cast for the next month as they slowly bring my foot to a 90 degree angle with my leg. I’ll then be in a boot and off to PT in early February. That puts me at 6 weeks post surgery at the start of PT and PWB.

Forget about seeing a well defined calf even after two weeks. I had to laugh at my shriveled up calf muscle when they took the first cast off. I thought after two weeks it would still look okay. It doesn’t. Instead, it looks like a dried up peach, and feels like a mushy banana.


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  1. dondou on January 9, 2009 4:49 am

    Hey! I am about at the same stage as you are in the road of recovery. I just got the second cast and mine calf looked like a dried up bbq chickenleg. Keep faith!

  2. Ethan on April 1, 2015 7:33 am

    Seeing doc today for first time after surgery. Nervous about my foot swelling but assuming it’s normal. Hoping I’m on track so far in what seems like a long recovery period ahead. With it being my right foot, I’m just hoping to be able to walk lightly and drive locally as needed by 4-6 weeks but unsure if I kidding myself by thinking this way. Thanks so much for this blog as an outlet for me to benchmark off peers.

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