If You Can’t Laugh…

December 22, 2008 | |

Day 3 after surgery, no pain in the heel, and my calf likes to remind me its around with a spasm (no pain) every now and then.

Top 5 things you can do the first few days postop:

5) Get in touch with your sensitive side…yes, Oprah’s on!

4) Import all your CDs into iTunes. If anyone wants Quiet Riot’s Greatest Hits, let me know.

3) Document the mundane…amaze your family and friends, “honey, the dog has 67 spots” or “at 8:30 am it was 11 degrees” or “hey, my right arm has 352 hairs!”

2) Browse ebay and try NOT buying the crap you find.

1) Stink it up! Goal today, take a bath, I’m ripe. I’m even offending the dog, he wants to bury me.

Things ain’t that bad, not with YouTube around…Python Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life


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