3 days out of walking boot/INCIDENT/NOW WORRIED

I am three days out of the walking boot and while walking in my living room I experienced an incident. I was trying to work on starting better motion (heel to toe) and I felt something and then pain.  I spoke with on call doctor and he feels it could be scar tissue or sutures; however, with the long weekend I will not be able to visit my surgeon until Tuesday.  I definitely don’t feel I did anything wrong; therefore I  will be really upset if I did something to put me behind again. I will go back into the boot to be safe. I would appreciate any insight from anyone if this is something that could be expected. I am not really in pain now but where the pain was it feels tender.

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  1. Everything you said is on target. I know it’s hard not to worry, but worrying really won’t help…I know it’s hard to be patient but being patient & seeing how it progresses is all you really can do isn’t it?

    Putting the boot back on until it feels better or you can see your doctor was smart! Good for you.

    My best to you.

  2. Looks like you had your surgery back in the first week of July, so you are only a couple of months post-op. Still need to be really careful, because as my OS explained, you are mostly healed but have lost almost all your strength. You should be wearing shoes that give you lots of support and possibly even heel lifts, and doing strengthening exercises per your physical therapists instructions. All that said, I think it is really smart to go back in the boot and play it conservative until you can see the doctor. Coming our of the boot is a process of weaning and some take longer than others. Best of luck to you.

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