My scare turned out to be scar tissue. Thank goodness!!!!!!!

My Dr. confirmed my scare while walking was scar tissue that broke away.  So thankful. He said this often happens and it can be painful initially but everything looks good. Started my rehab and getting better range of motion.

3 days out of walking boot/INCIDENT/NOW WORRIED

I am three days out of the walking boot and while walking in my living room I experienced an incident. I was trying to work on starting better motion (heel to toe) and I felt something and then pain.  I spoke with on call doctor and he feels it could be scar tissue or sutures; however, [...]

8 weeks post op and now out of walking boot

Had dr appointment this morning and I have been given the ok to start walking, swimming, and biking.  Too bad summer is practically over. Lol  Walking around house gingerly now.  Feels good. Two more months and hopefully back on the golf course.  I wish everyone who is in recovery the best. I know it is [...]