4 weeks out of surgery and a little gun shy

I have been put in the boot and told by dr to start putting full weight bearing as tolerated.  To be honest I am a bit gun shy and fear of overdoing it for fear of re-rupture. I spoke to nurse today and she told me as long as I am in the boot there is no fear of re-rupture. I know I need to progress just concerned. Currently I use a scooter to get around mostly. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. In the boot it is quite hard to redo our Achilles so you should start full weight bearing as it will be better overall for your recovery.
    Be smart though as you know your own body and the tendon will hurt before it snaps so listen if the tendon is painful. I was told a dull ache is expected but a sharp pain is a warning sign and to rest it.

    I went from partial weight bearing to full weight bearing in about 4 days but you may be different and only you can tell when you’re ready.

    All I can say is once your full weight bearing the outlook is much brighter and life almost feels normal!

    Good luck with the transition.

  2. Hi kmay

    I was gunshy too when they started taking the casts off of me. I would not let the doctors touch me. I had to desensitize myself first.

    I am 7 weeks post op. 5 weeks and 2 days in a cast. Then 1 week in boot all NWB. Week 6 started PWB at 25 lbs. Week 7 starts 50 lbs.

    When I first put my foot down, I trembled. Just did baby steps for a couple of days until I desensitized again.

    Even the thought of a re-rupture sends chills down my spine.

    I find that when I rub my foot, heel, toes, tendon before I put the boot on and go walking that this helps. I warm it up so to speak.

  3. Everyone is different in terms of milestones. Different bodies, different protocols based on different Docs knowledge and experience, even from different parts of the world. Regarding FWB I’ve noticed via the comments/posts the last few months more people FWB later than when I was at that stage, also FWB with some kind of formula of % of weight to bear. When I was at that stage it seemed to me that more of us were FWB earlier.

    For example I was in a cast for one week after surgery for full rupture, then stitches out and another fiberglass cast for 2 more weeks, all NWB. At week 3 cast off and into boot with 3 heel wedges & I was FWB immediately. My protocol was to be FWB between week 3 and 6, the sooner the better based on research about how tendons heal.

    I removed a wedge each week so at week 6 I was at neutral in the boot. Between week 7 & 8 I was in two shoes most of the time. I still used the boot as needed to rest the tendon or in scary situations to avoid injury. I fully stopped using the boot between week 12 & 13. I am not 9 months post op.

    My point being that there is no hard and fast rule, however, there is scientific evidence that earlier protected (in a boot) weight bearing is conducive to good tendon healing.

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