5 days since Surgery

Hello all

Well this is my 5th day since surgery and so far so good I think.  Bed rest at all times besides restroom visits is getting old but I am trying to follow dr’s orders.  I will say the pain medication works( Percocet) but plan for constipation( no fun at all).  Please use a stool softener and I found prunes and milk of magnesia to be helpful. I am looking forward to the end of this 2 weeks. Sponge baths are not nearly as complete but they will have to do, and always keep elevated above heart. Stay tuned!!!!

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  1. Hello! I am in the same boat as you, I’m 4 days out from surgery. Just a little tip that has helped me is ask your doctor for the cast protector to use to shower. I have to warn you it is very painful to get it on but it does make it able to take real showers as long as you have some where to sit. Best wishes and speedy recovery!!

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