Cast off now into boot for 6 weeks

Just got hard cast off yesterday. I am 3 weeks post surgery.  My incision looks ok but a couple spots are not completely healed. My doctor said it looked good though.  Now I go into the boot for 6 weeks with adjusting the heel every two weeks. I am also going to Florida in a [...]

Stitches out

Yesterday I had my stitches out and now have a hard cast on for a week. Next week I will be put in a walking boot. Looking forward to being able to walk with boot. So far the process has not been to bad but I believe the important part is having patience.

Today was a good day. Off of pain meds except ibuprofen which I take for another condition. This time next week I will have my stitches out hopefully and will begin next phase in recovery.

5 days since Surgery

Hello all
Well this is my 5th day since surgery and so far so good I think.  Bed rest at all times besides restroom visits is getting old but I am trying to follow dr’s orders.  I will say the pain medication works( Percocet) but plan for constipation( no fun at all).  Please use a stool [...]

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